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Family Dinner

emailDearest Uncle,

I apologize for the tardiness of this message, but the affairs of work have been demanding. If you have time, I would very much welcome you to dinner. We could share of what has come over the past weeks, and discuss the near future.


I have come across a few interesting pieces of news, and a gift for you as I sent in text. I will bring them with me to dinner, along with another fine surprise!

Tanabata also nears, such a loved festival. Ris and I will be receiving our kimonos for the occasion, something new in bright colors, for luck and health. I cannot wait to meet all of the great families and clans, sharing the festival with you this year. The obligations of two nations has kept us from sharing as family, now remedied by your generosity and kindness.

My eternal thanks and love,



KSAF Breaking News – Missing Ork

SeattleNewsCarol Danners, KSAF news. We interrupt your normal Trid broadcast for this important announcement.

Thomas Mertelli Jr, Vice President of Cybersoftware for GlobalTech has officially been declared missing by Lone Star this morning.

Known as "Junior" by his friends and coworkers, Mertelli Jr was last seen leaving work that tuesday night. Close associates report that he appeared to all to be in high spirits. Despite the troubling month of computer failures and break-ins the company had suffered, he was confident in his groups ability to have the requisite information prepared to deliver on Friday for a large contract negotiation.

GlobalTech has been a cutting edge member of the software development community since it was founded by Thomas Mertelli (senior) and Urlan Manes. Built twenty years ago in the wake of the '29 matrix crash, they set out to get at the forefront of the new simsense, Matrix and decking technology that had been created by the Echo Mirage team. The senior Mertelli passed away five years prior, leaving the remaining shares to his friend Manes and the Cyber software development spot to his son.

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However, Mertelli didn't turn up for work Wednesday morning. His staff assumed that he had opted to take a vacation and had simply forgotten to alert the rest of the group. This had happened in the past after a particularly celebratory night. It was only on the following Monday when he still failed to appear that they began to grow concerned. Calls to his personal assistant and home proved fruitless, at which point Urlan Manes contacted law enforcement for assistance.

Initial investigations found that Mertelli Jr had left GlobalTech tuesday night, and driven from Bellvue's business district toward his home. However, the vehicle never reached it's destination and the in-vehicle PANIC button had never been activated. Two days ago, the car was located inside of an abandoned warehouse on the northern edge of Bellevue district, near Shnomish and Redmond. Most of the valuable parts had been stripped and stolen from it including the PANIC button and black box, but enough remained of serial numbers to confirm it was Mertelli's vehicle and that foul play was involved.

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At the time of this broadcast the whereabouts of Mertelli remain unknown. Lone Star authorities aren't certain if the recent break-ins at GlobalTech are related. However as no ransom note has been received add that they aren't ruling out industrial espionage, an internal hit or an illegal deal gone wrong.

Urlan Manes was interviewed by local news channel KSAF today.

"I dearly hope that the officials can locate my friends son quickly. The great spirits protect and keep him, Junior has grown into a very fine man good man for the company and I can't believe anyone would wish him ill."

Anyone with any information about the whereabouts of Thomas Mertelli Jr, please contact the Lone Star hotline #9991 or on the matrix at LTG 42123-151-151678. Descriptions are available on request.

Universal Brotherhood Testimonial #12 – Seattle


Founded in 2043 by Caitlin O'Connal, a sociologist and visionary with a single simple principle. That all humans and metahumans are created equally as one, that we all share a bond of unity between each other of Universal Brotherhood. We may each exist in our own minds, but we are all one. By working together rather then against each other, we can achieve anything.

We accept all persons without organization, regardless of your religion, class, genotype or magic. Offer shelter, counsel and charity to those in need. Listen to this testimonial from one of our brothers.

Seattle Chapter Testimonial #12

"I got my start here in the Redmond, just another SINless street kid without guidance or a chance. I ran with our local block gang because it offered protection and food until I was 14. Then we started to hire ourselves out as thugs, body guards, anything for anyone who would pay us. I did a lot of things that I'm.... I'm honestly not proud of now. We thought we were invincible."

"It all changed when we were asked to protect this one guy while he shook down a friend at a bar. Should have been no big – flex our muscles, look mean. We didn't know that another crew was hired to protect this friend, that the guy who hired us planned to go in shooting, and that this other crew was meaner or more heavily armed."

"Needless to say, it went really bad. Some people ran for it – me and the two guys I was with in the back got cornered by this...this demon car. All I could hear was the sound of a chain gun firing over and over and over again while I dove on to the floor. I wondered...where had I... where had everything gone wrong? What was I even doing?"

"The guy who hired us and I got picked up by the other gang. I thought I was dead. I begged for mercy, that I was sorry. I knew it was hopeless. No one in our line of work would believe my babbling or the pleas of someone who had just tried to kill them."

"But then the driver of the demon car stepped in. Offered to let me go if I left them alone. She... showed mercy. It was her inspiring example that led me to seek out the Brotherhood. They've given me the strength to take the first steps to bettering myself. She understood what the Brotherhood does, that we are greater working together then fighting each other. I won't give her name here, but she taught me the lesson of the Universal Brotherhood. That we are greater working together towards a common good then fighting each other."

"Where ever you are lady of mercy, thank you. Now, I'm working every day to make things for the people here instead of worse. Helping rebuild homes, set up our soup kitchen and provide comfort to those in need. The Brotherhood has given me purpose. Through them I'm fulfilled with my life for the first time ever. I hope they can help you too!"

KSAF Seattle News – Explosion Rocks I-520

SeattleNewsThank you for joining us at KSAF, Seattle news. I'm your host, George Neal. Terror on I-520 during the late morning hours after a murderous car chase with Lonestar ended in the explosive destruction of the perpetrators car.

According to officials on the scene, a Lone Star patrol was checking in on a routine domestic disturbance report in the Bellevue warehouse district. The vehicle in question came out of the district at reckless speeds, immediately tagged by Lone Star as having been previously reported stolen. With an unlicensed firearm drawn and armed. The vehicle was ordered to stand down and pull over.

Instead of the vehicle surrendering, the driver proceeded to lead law enforcement down interstate 520 at reckless speeds, endangering numerous drivers before officials were able to close down the highway. Attempts to assemble a road block for the out of control vehicle failed.

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CarExplodesWelcome back SeaTac viewers! Good luck came to our men in blue when the local office of Aztechnology graciously offered assistance from their nearby headquarters in the form of a chopper on routine patrol. The additional support was sufficient to allow Lone Star officials to finally bring the reckless car chase to a halt before any further loss of injury could occur. As always, our thanks to them for providing for the safety of our fair city.

For you evening commuters, I-520 will be closed for the remainder of the day for cleanup with the assistance of Aztech. Next up, results of the Queen Anne Hill dog show ended in contention when the winner (Princess Muffin Fluff the Third) was found to have been illegally genetically enhanced.

Little Garden Open

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Iron Lotus ~ Little Garden

Letter – The Beauty of Noh

emailDearest Uncle,

I am afraid much of my world has become most busy with the new shop and affiliations I mentioned before. I am entirely in your debt for not speaking with you sooner. I would like to meet you for dinner at your earliest convenience. For being so distant, I have found many lovely images from the Noh festival we attended together a few months before my trip to Seattle. I hope the gallery shall right this slight of my tardiness.

Fondly, Masaru

Auspicious Meetings – Letter


I hope your day is well and that we can meet for dinner and drinks in the coming week.

I met new friends yesterday, and did engage in a touch of adventure.The first I believe is a Shadowrunner named Hot Lips. She is a strange sort, with the largest family I have ever met. Her mother is called Mother Strongarm, and they live in the Ork Underground. She took me on a short tour. Quite fascinating. We will be working on a major job for Kenoma.

I asked if she would help watch over my property for a trade of work on her odd bus of a vehicle. I think it is a relic of Americana, which fascinates me. When I am done, I shall send you pictures of the work. It should prove most interesting for my American Classics collection.

Another I met later that night goes by the name of Sparky, a dwarf somewhat like Kenoma. He has a fairly important position within a go gang called the Red Hot Nukes. They call themselves Nukees, oddly cute. He invited me on a venture I sadly could not refuse, but it proves to bring me closer to becoming a contact they can depend on, or so I hope to engineer. I was even on the news! But please know, I was heavily protected and congratulated for my cunning and expertise. I hope to have greater news of my ongoing efforts for befriending this go gang.

Soon shall be the Tanabata festival. Do you know if the districts celebrate here? If not, I wish to humbly invite you to share in the wish making and dinner. I know mine have always come true due to your kindness.



Little Garden


Little Garden

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