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KSAF Breaking News – Missing Ork

SeattleNewsCarol Danners, KSAF news. We interrupt your normal Trid broadcast for this important announcement.

Thomas Mertelli Jr, Vice President of Cybersoftware for GlobalTech has officially been declared missing by Lone Star this morning.

Known as "Junior" by his friends and coworkers, Mertelli Jr was last seen leaving work that tuesday night. Close associates report that he appeared to all to be in high spirits. Despite the troubling month of computer failures and break-ins the company had suffered, he was confident in his groups ability to have the requisite information prepared to deliver on Friday for a large contract negotiation.

GlobalTech has been a cutting edge member of the software development community since it was founded by Thomas Mertelli (senior) and Urlan Manes. Built twenty years ago in the wake of the '29 matrix crash, they set out to get at the forefront of the new simsense, Matrix and decking technology that had been created by the Echo Mirage team. The senior Mertelli passed away five years prior, leaving the remaining shares to his friend Manes and the Cyber software development spot to his son.

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However, Mertelli didn't turn up for work Wednesday morning. His staff assumed that he had opted to take a vacation and had simply forgotten to alert the rest of the group. This had happened in the past after a particularly celebratory night. It was only on the following Monday when he still failed to appear that they began to grow concerned. Calls to his personal assistant and home proved fruitless, at which point Urlan Manes contacted law enforcement for assistance.

Initial investigations found that Mertelli Jr had left GlobalTech tuesday night, and driven from Bellvue's business district toward his home. However, the vehicle never reached it's destination and the in-vehicle PANIC button had never been activated. Two days ago, the car was located inside of an abandoned warehouse on the northern edge of Bellevue district, near Shnomish and Redmond. Most of the valuable parts had been stripped and stolen from it including the PANIC button and black box, but enough remained of serial numbers to confirm it was Mertelli's vehicle and that foul play was involved.

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At the time of this broadcast the whereabouts of Mertelli remain unknown. Lone Star authorities aren't certain if the recent break-ins at GlobalTech are related. However as no ransom note has been received add that they aren't ruling out industrial espionage, an internal hit or an illegal deal gone wrong.

Urlan Manes was interviewed by local news channel KSAF today.

"I dearly hope that the officials can locate my friends son quickly. The great spirits protect and keep him, Junior has grown into a very fine man good man for the company and I can't believe anyone would wish him ill."

Anyone with any information about the whereabouts of Thomas Mertelli Jr, please contact the Lone Star hotline #9991 or on the matrix at LTG 42123-151-151678. Descriptions are available on request.



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