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KSAF: Tonight in Sports.

KSAF: Tonight in Sports.

Good evening Settle-Tacoma! In international news, massive outrage broke out as Japan announced that due to recently-passed laws regarding metahumans, Metahumans will be bared from competing in the '56 games in Tokyo. Japan won the bid to host the 2056' Olympic Games in Tokyo prior to the passing of the so-called “Yamato Laws” last year. These laws have been under intense criticism from metahuman rights groups for reclassifying native Japanese citizens as 'illegal foreign nationals' for no other...

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MoneyLine – End of Fiscal Year 2051 – Part 2

Welcome to Moneyline, business news! Tracking the biggest, best and worst trends in the big business around the world.

aresAres announced a new R&D program for it's Security and Law Enforcement product division. Propelled by the surprise unveiling of a fully functional vehicle-mounted laser at this years LES conference, it received mass praise from the community. Although the item is prohibitively expensive at this time for most law enforcement units at 400k nuyen per unit, the appearance of a live model ready for purchase was a boon to the military hardware mega corps stock prices. Given the strong competition presented this year from other corporations such as Saeder-Krupp, Ares ended the fiscal year with a strong overall showing.

Also featured prominently in this years fiscal report,. Knight Errant continues to dominate in private and corporate security contracts overall major rival Lone Star Security. The security provider arm of Ares boasts the best trained, equipped and experience security experts in the industry, with top results. Looking to branch out however, Knight Errant has been engaged in ongoing battles with Lone Star over municipal contracts in the security and law enforcement areas all year. The most notable being the coveted Seattle-Tacoma LEO contract, with the Austin, CAS company retaining control of the city law enforcement and order.

Industry experts note that Lone Star won the battle over the Pacific Northwest, but at a high cost that may prove fatal in the longer war with Knight Errant. It remains to be seen if Lone Star can fullfill some of the promises it made in this contract. City officials demanded that Lone Star do more to reduce gang violence through the city and make inroads on the ailing Redmond district. Redmond in particular is going to prove most challenging, the district was recently the scene of a string of grisly serial killings and the murder of a Black Forest Embassy employee. It's anyone's game, and Knight-Errant division of Ares is poised to make a huge mark on the world this year.

renrakuRenraku continues in a dominant role in the software computer industry. The release of Renraku's breakthrough Semi-Autonomous Knowbot software early in the fiscal year was a a massive boost to the company and pushed them forward into clear prominence over long-time rivals Fuchi and Yamatetsu. The replacement of Devon Eurich (named “The World's Most-Sought Matrix Developer” five years running by Moneyline and CentraSoft Alliance) as head of the Cybersoftware division in Renraku caused some small disturbances in stock prices near the close of the year. However Renraku was quick to assure stockholders that the change was to allow Mr. Eurich more time for development and that he was still an employee of the company.

On the computer engineering and hardware sales side, Renraku has seen very minor growth this year compared to last and was under internal projections. The stagnation can be attributed to Fuchi's incredible marketing and sales of it's Cyber 3, 5 and 7 models which have dominate large portions of the low, middle and high end markets for cyberdecks. Industry experts also attribute the construction delays on their new flagship office and production facility (the Seattle Arcology of Renraku) to the under performing sales.

The Renraku Arcology is the most impressive and ambitious structure of it's type, capable of housing 100-200,000 employees in total comfort, with it's own internalized food and power production. Not to mention some of the most state of the art laboratories and assembly lines in the industry. When complete, it will provide R&D, implementation, testing and production all under one roof to Renraku's growing North American markets.

Renraku's assembly lines are scheduled to begin going online late this year, with full construction completed by 2053.

MoneyLine Business News is required to disclose that it is owned by MoneyLine Consultants Inc, a subsidiary of Renraku Industries and Computing.

MoneyLine – End of Fiscal Year 2051 – Part 1

Welcome to Moneyline, business news! Tracking the biggest, best and worst trends in the big business around the world.

YamatetsuYamatetsu revealed today new expansion plans – a new regional office and division in the Russian Consortium. This is part of Yamatetsu's new decade-long “Brave New Pioneer” directive to bring the Yamatetsu name and products to untouched markets. Russia remains one of the most challenging large markets for the Big Eight to break into, due to political instability following the Euro Wars and local protectionist laws. It remains to be seen if the move will be profitable to the company over time.

Overall Yamatetsu closed out the fiscal year with a firm lead in the fields BioTech and Chemical against primary competitior Shiawase, with stock prices remaining relatively stable due to economic uncertainty over the Russian Consortium.

saederkruppSaeder Krupp shook the world during their production expansion announcements this week as the details of the locations came to the light. The first factor is being constructed as an expansion to their existing building the North Rhine-Ruhr Metro area. A second one is being constructed as part of the Saarland-North Sea reclamation project. The North Sea reclamation project was founded as a coalition of local corporations and the North German League. Alongside the factory would be a new Arkoblock for employees to be built on the once-fatally polluted flats. Allied German analysts praised Saeder Krupp for their forward-thinking move, and encouraged other members of reclamation project to do the same.

The third location caused a major political incident when SK announced they would be building their next big expansion in the Los Angeles area. Saeder-Krupp and Aztechnology are both forbidden from operating inside the borders of the California Free State. Officials in Sacramento were unavailable for comment.

Although Los Angeles was given independent nation status by California following the Inferno Riots in 2046, it was given conditional on the Free City upholding the same law regarding international corps as the father nation. Officials in the free city contended that the agreement was made under duress and thus invalid. Whether the deal will continue forward depends on California and the global court.

Saeder Krupp posted record profits for the end of fiscal year, citing their expansion and acquisitions efforts across Europe, as well as new efforts in the Americas. However fierce competition from Ares and Aztechnology have stymied growth efforts in military tech, with stagnation in key areas related to SK weapon sales. Majority shareholder and Great Dragon Lofwyr is expected to make a company wide announcement addressing these failures later next week.

Universal Brotherhood Testimonial #12 – Seattle


Founded in 2043 by Caitlin O'Connal, a sociologist and visionary with a single simple principle. That all humans and metahumans are created equally as one, that we all share a bond of unity between each other of Universal Brotherhood. We may each exist in our own minds, but we are all one. By working together rather then against each other, we can achieve anything.

We accept all persons without organization, regardless of your religion, class, genotype or magic. Offer shelter, counsel and charity to those in need. Listen to this testimonial from one of our brothers.

Seattle Chapter Testimonial #12

"I got my start here in the Redmond, just another SINless street kid without guidance or a chance. I ran with our local block gang because it offered protection and food until I was 14. Then we started to hire ourselves out as thugs, body guards, anything for anyone who would pay us. I did a lot of things that I'm.... I'm honestly not proud of now. We thought we were invincible."

"It all changed when we were asked to protect this one guy while he shook down a friend at a bar. Should have been no big – flex our muscles, look mean. We didn't know that another crew was hired to protect this friend, that the guy who hired us planned to go in shooting, and that this other crew was meaner or more heavily armed."

"Needless to say, it went really bad. Some people ran for it – me and the two guys I was with in the back got cornered by this...this demon car. All I could hear was the sound of a chain gun firing over and over and over again while I dove on to the floor. I wondered...where had I... where had everything gone wrong? What was I even doing?"

"The guy who hired us and I got picked up by the other gang. I thought I was dead. I begged for mercy, that I was sorry. I knew it was hopeless. No one in our line of work would believe my babbling or the pleas of someone who had just tried to kill them."

"But then the driver of the demon car stepped in. Offered to let me go if I left them alone. She... showed mercy. It was her inspiring example that led me to seek out the Brotherhood. They've given me the strength to take the first steps to bettering myself. She understood what the Brotherhood does, that we are greater working together then fighting each other. I won't give her name here, but she taught me the lesson of the Universal Brotherhood. That we are greater working together towards a common good then fighting each other."

"Where ever you are lady of mercy, thank you. Now, I'm working every day to make things for the people here instead of worse. Helping rebuild homes, set up our soup kitchen and provide comfort to those in need. The Brotherhood has given me purpose. Through them I'm fulfilled with my life for the first time ever. I hope they can help you too!"

KSAF Morning News – The Bloodstained Barrens

SeattleNewsWelcome dear viewers to KSAF, morning news edition. I'm your host George Neal.

The man hunt for Valeria O'Toole continues today. The woman disappeared from the Ballard Marina and Docks three days ago when a gang known as the "Halloweeners" struck in the late afternoon, a group well known for violent and arson acts throughout the downtown area. Two yachts were sunk, another damaged, and a secure storage unit looted before Lone Star regained control of the area.

Mitchel Pengrave, CEO of Hollywood Simsense who had recently begun dating Valeria, has offered a 2000 Nuyen reward for any information regarding her whereabouts. In addition, a 50,000 Nuyen bonus reward is being offered for the person who either provides information that leads to her safe recovery or returns her safely to him.

***Advertisement: Governor Marilyn Schultz has led the Seattle Metroplex back from the brink of total chaos in the wake of the tragic Night of Rage, to it's status now as a modern technological powerhouse and urban center. We must never turn back the clock to that dark time, nor forget where we have been. Vote Schultz for Governor 2051!***

In political news, a male ork was found brutally murdered in the Redmond district in the early morning hours today. The man has been positively identified by Lone Star as Blastheim Reinhart, Chief of Staff for the local Black Forest Embassy.

Based on witness accounts, the victim was lured from his vehicle by an unknown woman, before being ambushed and fatally shot by multiple assailants. Forensics is still analyzing the bullets found on the scene of the crime, however it does appear to have been a high-caliber weapon used in the crime. Although the site of the attack was extremely close to the site of another recent murder, Lone Star states that this incident is entirely separate and has no resemblance to the other cases under investigation.

It's not known why Mr. Reinhart was in Redmond last night. Until more information is found, Lone Star is not ruling out that the victim may have been lured for a potential political assassination, or that the attack was racially motivated.

Next up! A special report from our Casey Kets. DataJacks: Middle School Tool of Tomorrow? What age is too young for cyberware?

Business News Report – 1

renrakuMoneyline Business Report

Knight Errant (a division of Ares Macrotechnology) once again presented a bid, for the coveted and soon to expire contract for Seattle metropolitan area law enforcement. Though Knight Errant made a very ambitious offer, word from the office of Governor's Marilyn Schultz is that Lone Star will once again be receiving contract renewal. The Governor's office cited Lone Stars' excellent track record and known quality of service over the last ten years, in opting to renew the contract.

Renraku Corp, best known for it's top of the line communication, advanced computing software and cybernetic devices, announced today it was making a change of department leadership. Cybersoftware division head Devon Eurich is to be replaced by Vanessa Cliber, second ranked member of the division.

Devon Eurich, who headed the prestigious division through last year's release of Renraku's newest and most popular product - Semi-Autonomous Knowbots - was not available for comment. However Renraku officials stated that the change in leadership in no way reflected on Mr. Eurich's performance, only that they are refocusing the division and feel that Cliber's leadership would be better suited to the new direction. Eurich is remaining a member of Renraku directly under Ms. Cliber and will be contributing heavily to all future projects.

Gaeatronics announced that it's second clean fusion for Seattle is nearly up to 100% capacity. The new plant was constructed to provide power to the expanding populace of the metroplex, as well as nearby Salish council communities, has been slow to reach full production capacity. However after minor delays, the plant is now functioning in tolerances and is ready for business.



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