• Gonk
  • UCAS soldier known for explosives went for a BTL ride has fallen in with Shadowrunners. He has found love, a new path in life, and made friends with runners and a cut widdle kitty cat.

"Shadowrunner" Handle: Gonk
Real Name: Harold Thorstein
Homeland: UCAS
Languages: English
Work: UCAS Special Operations.
Race: Ork
Age: Very early 20's.

The story of our unlikely Shadowrunner begins as a soldier in the UCAS special forces – trained from a young age for military work, a solid and able man leading strike teams into urban and rural areas. Due to his training and hardware access, Gonk was one of several soldiers under a UCAS Handler – Lt Stephen Myers – to make sure they stayed out of trouble, didn't disappear or get snatched up to work for a rival nation or corp. Happy, outfitted and in the field.

A routine downtime assignment at Ft. Lewis went south when Gonk was given a new action adventure simsense chip by one of his team mates. Not knowing the chip was actually a Seoulpa BTL, starring one Diamond Shadow. In the part of Rachel 'The Vindicator' Vale, hero of the Seoulpa's “Fist of Overkill” series. The BTL chip had a bad trip for the unprepared Gonk and left the ork firmly convinced he'd just seen real briefing footage. And his assignment was to go find and help The Vindicator somewhere in the city. Wandering right off the base in full gear, he tracked her down to begin the mission.

Since their fateful meeting, he has learned the truth of Hot Lips and her friends. They work together on jobs while enjoying life away from the military. Will he return to the UCAS? Will he get married? Will Mama Strongarm get grandkids? Stay tuned!

Abilities - Skills


Body 8
Quickness 6
Strength 7
Charisma 5
Intelligence 5
Willpower 6
Essence 6

Reaction (quick + int/2) 5
Combat pool (quickness + int + willpower/2) 8

Checking for threat 11d6
Initiative 1d6+5


Skill Concentration Specialty
Firearms 3 - Rifle 7

Pistol 7

Gunnery 1 - -
Projectile 1 Grenade Launcher 5 -
Throwing Weapon 2 Non-Aero 4 -
Unarmed 0 Subduing 7 -
Cooking 2 - -
Military Theory 0 Tactics 6 -
Aircraft 1 - -
Drive: Aircraft 1 - -
Drive: Bike 2 Combat Biking 4 -
Drive: Ground Vehicle 3 Combat Biking 4 -
Etiquette 1 Military 0 Landair 6
Athletics 2 Military Style 4 -
Stealth 1 Urban 6 -
Demolitions 0 Engineering Demo 6

Defusing 0

Police Procedure 4 - -
Negotiation 0 Fast Talking 5 -
Biotech 0 First Aid 3 -
Magical Theory 0 Countering Magic 4 -

Contacts - Equipment - Weapons


Fort Lewis quartermaster (3): Staff Sergent Chris Braddock

Head of Lone Star in Seatle: 3 (for a series of undefined services)


Hello Kitty Handcuffs
Cooking Kit
MedKit Level 5
Rappeling Gear
Grapple Gun
Personal Com Unit
Explosives Compound 12, 24
Timer, 4
Radio, 4
Survival Kit
Pressure Regulator
Tactical Flashlight
Breeching Cord, 4


Survival Knife
Narcojet Pistol
Walther (hold out pistol)
Savalette Guardian x2 (sidearm)
M-23 (rifle)
Ultrasound Sight
Franchi Spas-22 (shotgun)
M7981 (rocket)
Large Net Gun
Shock Glove
Ballista Multi Role (big rockets)



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