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  • The Fixers You're the face man. The mover and shaker. You know the people that have the jobs. You know what makes the streets go around and how to mak...

The Fixers

  • You're the face man. The mover and shaker. You know the people that have the jobs. You know what makes the streets go around and how to make it spin the best way for your people. Changing voice or appearance with spell or technology as needed. If it's information, negotiation or deals to be made, you're up to the task. Your weapon of choice is the sweet words and better dirt.
  • You're the supplier, the fence, the dealer. If an item needs to be unloaded or lost, be it animal, vegetable or mineral, you can make it happen. Body needs to vanish? Person needs to vanish? You deal with the little details that keep the world (and the black market) going around.
  • You're the smuggler. You may be a transporter that moves very specific items or people on commission or a mass-mover of guns, illegal and exotic food, banned hardware and software, drugs and BTLs. Someone has to get things moved around - be it large scale smuggling or small scale transport. Checkpoints, tarrifs and laws are what keep you in business. If they made it legal, no one would need to pay you.

The Mercenaries

  • You're a soldier. Former member of the military, an independent group or a corporations military forces, you decided to break ties and fly solo for better money/fewer rules. Or an operation went real bad, and now your former employer wants to take the damage out of your hide. You've got training for tactics or other specializes skills from military, including knowledge of their procedures and hardware. The streets are a new place, but you have to pay the bills.
  • You're a cop or detective. With Knight Errant, Lone Star, or as a rent-a-cop for the corporations. Maybe you saw one to many crooks get away, or got stabbed in the back when you crossed the thin blue line. Perhaps some one crossed the thin blue line to take you out of the force. Clean or dirty, you're on the outs and you know the streets like the back of your hand - you've made friends and enemies on them.
  • You're the street samurai. Independent on the streets to make a living, or with ties to the Yakuza, Mafia, Seoulpa, Triads or Tongs. Bushido, honor, or simply to protect your own - you have a code you follow. You've got cyberware that can make you faster then the naked eye, riding the razor edge to stay in the lead ahead of the next guy who may come looking for you.
  • You're the assassin. Whatever your other persona is you maintain - wave slave, corporate bitch or any other number of other things. What you really specialize in is making high-profile people dead, and making it look like an accident. Or at least, a kill no one can tie back to you.
  • You're the covert ops. With special training from either the government, corporations, or criminal elements, you know how to find the vulnerable points ways in and the ways out. Be it by physical means, by fast talking, technology or disguise, nothing keeps you out when you've got a target to break into.

The Technos

  • You're the decker. The technical wizard, you specialize in the software side through the vast Matrix of information in our world. Hardware means nothing - it's a tool to access the network of knowledge. You're the guy who cuts through the threads of data that hold our world together like a hot knife.
    • You may specialize in cracking encryption, forging electronic documents and files, removing/adding people to the SINer registery.
    • You might be a security cracker for runners, opening doors, deactivate security, shut down traps or tap into communications.
  • You're the rigger. If it has moving parts, you can make it dance. Let the deckers make the electrons sing - when the hardware stops, so does their work.
    • You've got the hot shot pilot of metal, keeping the escape vehicles ready to roll or hijacking convoys for run. You keep drones going to provide high-spy, mechanical or long distance support. Where it's too dangerous for man or magic, your little toys can go in.
    • When the decker can't, you 'override' things with your little gadgets, the wire tap, new circuits or just knowing what to smash.

The Magical

  • You're the physical adept. Magic is not found in books or among trees - it is found through reflection, awareness of self, discipline and mental focus. You use it to make your body into the ultimate weapon - Kung Fu movies have nothing on you. You may have learned your arts from a order, dojo or simply a teacher – but now you make a living by fighting on the streets.
  • You're the hermatic mage. Long hours of study through a prestigious institution or a burned-out wage mage with enough whiskey have given you the amazing skills you possess now. Magic is just a new science that can be harnessed through formulas, logic and knowledge. You may seek the Astral Plane for answers beyond - but whatever path you take, you fully intended to command it's forces.
  • You're the shaman. Magic is all around us, and part of nature and the world we live in. Your teacher showed you the way to bring spells forth through emotion and your Totem. Magic is an art, to be practiced with respect for the forces your aid you are asking - not to be ordered around. With that respect, you can call on spirits of nature and man to come to you.

The Others

  • You're the explosives guy. You can take bubblegum, a paperclip and the chemicals called 'food' from the dispenser and make an explosive to get other people where they need to go. You may just make your own, or it could be a larger outfit for an organization. Chemistry is fun kids!
  • You're the gang member, a member of an urban sprawl trying to make a living. You own a peice of road turf with a go-gang through the streets. A ganger that defends a peice of turf or shakes the area of protection racket. You might work with larger criminal organizations, or drive them out of your turf.
  • You're a cult member. Praise be to Hubbard! Metahumans go home! Join the Universal Brotherhood, find love and acceptance! You can be good-intentioned (Universal Brotherhood) or part of something darker, but you are first and foremost a servant to your beliefs and order. (requires ST permission)


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