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  • The sky is the limit when it comes to character creation, but here are some things to consider. Rigger Resources Drone Construction Vehicle and Drone ...

The sky is the limit when it comes to character creation, but here are some things to consider.

Rigger Resources

What do you do when you're not on a run?

The Vehicle Control Rig is probably the most completely underrated piece of cyberware in classic SR.

It isn't merely a replacement for the steering wheel and pedals: it allows a human being to basically possess a machine, whether it's a car or a building— or an assembly line. A master machinist with a Vehicle Control Rig 1 can carefully run an assembly line through the creation of a particular product, combined with a simsense net or data link up to a computer. Then use those actions as the basis of a control program for a specialized sort of "autopilot".

Some people even have a day job of "riding" an assembly line, bringing their attention to different parts to examine tolerances and make fine-tuned adjustments that a program would miss.

Besides hired driving or controlling special machinery, drones are incredibly versatile. They're most Shadowrunner's first choice when it comes to scouting an area, as it places the group in minimal danger from physical or Astral threats. They can enter hazardous environments or function in a vacuum or sterile environment.

On the flip side, a medic-rigger would use his excellent fine control of a drone to sew someone together after injury, treat wounds mid-battle, install cyberware or treat some one with a possibly contagious/viral disease from safety.

Riggers also make excellent mechanics, bodyguard-drivers, go-gangers fixers and smugglers.

You may also have other professions entirely – you're a rigger, but you run a little black-market business making incendiary devices. The sky and imagination are the limit.

Other common hobbies, organizations and motivations:

Fuck the Corps and the Government (if you can even tell them apart)” - Shadowrunners tend to be of a neo-anarchist bent. These modern-day goliaths need to be cut down a notch, and you're the guy to go it. After all, laws were made to be broken.

For the *Homeland*/*Race*/*Gang*!” You may not have a strong ideology, but maybe you're very patriotic to the land of birth, your people or a gang you've got strong ties to. This can get interesting depending on your age and place of birth – the nation you're loyal to may no longer exist.

Good example of this would be Mexicans. Mexico ceased to exist in 2040, when the governments of most of Central America were essentially dissolved in a corporate take-over. In it's place is the country Aztlan, which controls all of Central America and is essentially an arm of the corporation Aztechnology. There's a couple of runners in lore who are very loyal to Mexico the country, call themselves Mexicans, and are fierce supporters of Mexican independence. And they hate Aztlan.

“Just in it for the Nuyen or the thrill when metal screams and you fly down I-5 in Redmond at 250 miles an hour” - it doesn't have to be some grand motivation. You were born shit-poor in the slums, didn't have the connections or magical aptitude to get out, and now you want to make a living or a name for yourself.

How do you defend yourself when you aren't Rigged?

Eventually, trouble is going to catch you outside of a vehicle. You might be some place you can't summon the drones in, or are trying to be a little more subtle then “TACHIKOMO, I CHOSE YOU!” *boom* level of destruction.

Because the Vehicle Control rig's are extremely expensive on essence and nuyen, extensive cyberware is generally not an option for Rigger's who are planning to go really hardcore with it. The lvl 3 VCR is 5 essence, which is most of your pool. However, as a hardware based character, you can build a lot of cool gadgets/James Bond items. Riggers also go well with explosives/chemical/incendiary tactics – you just need either the skills or a source.



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