• Merlin
  • He is the Real Deal Merlin. Not one of those Merlyners.

Handle: Merlin
Name: Secret


Merlin is a new kid on the magical block when it comes to Shadowrunners in Seattle. He's an elf that goes by the name Merlin, despite the gang called the Merlyners. They continually try to badger and threaten Merlin to join. He turns and runs or tosses fireballs at them. Suffice to say, they are definitely not pen pals or friends.

Where is the mage from? He's an elf, and seems a little new to where things are in Seattle. Perhaps he's from out of town.

What's he like? A mouthy son of a bitch. A brat kid. A piece of shit. No one really has anything great to say about him when it comes to the attitude. But his magic definitely gets a thumbs up. He's not some shaman or talismonger. Merlin is a full mage with the power to see across the astral, destroy enemies in fire, and know if you are lying.

What does he do for fun? Stage magic! Merlin knows sleight of hand, cool little magic tricks, all the stuff those Vegas mages do, with real magic to back it up.

Abilities - Skills


Body 4
Quickness 3
Strength 3
Charisma 3
Intelligence 5
Willpower 6
Essence/Magic 6

Reaction (quick + int/2) 4
Spell pool (magic + sorcery) 12

Drain soak is willpower and any spell pool. Every 2 successes, soak 1.
Initiative 1d6+??


English, Mage Talk, Speriathal


Lecherous (3+ CHA - hit on them)
Dark Secret (shhhh)
Weirdness Magnet


Astral Chameleon - Astral Sig -1 force, +2 dif to essence the sig


Skill Concentration Specialty
Sorcery (willpower) 6 - -
Conjuring Elementals (concen) 2 -
Bike (drive) 1 - -
Tir Symbolism 1 - -
Larceny 1 Ledgerdomain (sleight of hand) 4 -
Acting Live Performance 2 Magic 3
Negotiation Fast Talk 2 -
Linguistics Translation 2 -
Etiquette Nation

Magic 4

Tir Tiangre 3
Armed combat 1 Edged weapons 2 Sword 3

Contacts - Equipment - Weapons


Katana - Blue Flame

Neon lit, etched with blue flames. Katana style with a place for a talisman. Finger print scanned to open. Monofilament blade.

Concealability 3, Damage (STR+4)Serious


Microtech PCZ Super Laptop 750 nuyen

Awesome electric pipe 30 nuyen

Antique pipe 100 nuyen

Awesome tobacco 30 nuyen

Heat sensitive clothes - 120 nuyen

Random clothes - 100 nuyen

Reuseable fetishes (+1 force to spell)

combat (fire missile, fireball, stun missile, sterilize) x 4 - 800 nuyen

manipulation (astral static, makeover, spell barrier, magic fingers, levitate item) x 5 - 1500 nuyen

detection (analyze truth, analyze magic, clair) x3 - 150 nuyen

Antidote Patch rating 5, x 3 - 750

Trauma Patch, x 5 - 1500


Kejak Sandor (2)

Ancients (2)

Monsieur Duvo (2)


Fire Missile - rank 4, fetish 1 - Bolt of magical energy, causes Physical DMG single target. Type: physical, Range: LOS, Target: Body/R Damage Level: Serious, Duration: Instant

Fireball - rank 5, fetish 1 - AOE - Type: Physical, Range: LOS, Target: Body R, DMG Level: Moderate, Duration: Instant, Drain: F/2 Serious

Stun Missile - rank 4, fetish 1 - Single missile, Stun dmg, Type: Mana, Range: LOS, Target: Willpower R, DMG Level: Moderate, Duration: Instant, Drain: (F-2)-1 Moderate

Manablast - rank 2 - AOE blast of magical energy, causes physical dmg like blast. Type: Mana, Range: LOS, Target: Willpower, Damage: Moderate, Duration: Instant, Drain: (f/2) Deadly

Sterilize - rank 2, fetish 1 - AOE, kills small life forms, bacteria, biomaterial like skin flakes, stray hairs, spilled blood, etc. Only need 1 success. Type: Physical, Range: LOS, Target: 4, Damage Level: Deadly, Duration: Instant, Drain: (F/2)+1 Deadly


Analyze Truth - rank 3, fetish 1 - Tell if statement is true or not. Target makes a spell resistance test using willpower rating vs force of the spell to reduce the spellcaster success. Caster needs 1 success. Only spoken works. Type: Mana, Range: Limited, Target: Willpower R, Duration: Sustained, Drain: (F/2) Serious

Analyze Magic - rank 3, fetish 1 - Analyze magic item. Make the Spell Force test using the force rating of the spell, focus, or other magical phenomena as the target number. Consult Astral Examination Table SRII 146 for info. Type: Mana, Range: Limited, Target: Force/Rating, Duration: Sustained, Drain: (F/2) Moderate

Clair (vision and hearing) - rank 3, fetish 1 - Both the clairvoyance and the clairaudience parts of this spell must be aimed at the same area. Type: Mana, Duration: Sustained, Range: Limited, Drain: [(F/2)+2]M, Target: 4


Entertainment - rank 5, fetish 1- AOE illusions, crafted - Type: Mana, Range: LOS, Target: 4, Sustained, Drain: (F/2)+1 Lethal


Astral Static - rank 4, fetish 1 - AOE creates cloud of crackling swirling mana in astral space, generating background count of I for every 2 successes. Background Count p89 grimoire. Rating of the static increases the target numbers of all astral Success Tests

Makeover - rank 3, fetish 1 -  Complete makeover on voluntary subject, cosmetics hair clothing. Type: Physical, Range: LOD, Target: 4, Duration: Permanent 10 turns, Drain (F/2)+2 Moderate

Spell Barrier - rank 4 - similar to mana barrier SRII 158, protection against spells, works in astral, pushes people off of bikes but not in cars. Type: Mana, Range: LOS, Target: 6, Duration: Sustained, Drain personal (F/2)+2 Lethal or aoe (F/2)+2 Moderate

Magic Fingers - rank 4, fetish 1  - Classic Telekinesis. Number of successes becomes the spell's rating for Strength and Quickness. Fight, pick a lock, whatever using the spell. Type: Phycial, Range: LOS even through watching a tv, Target: 6, Duration: Sustained, Drain: (F/2)+2 Moderate

Levitate Item/Person - rank 4 - Max distance is magic rating x successes. Vertical or horizontal distance. Target number is increased 1 for every 100 KGs, figure has 50 KG per body point, vehicle 1000 KG. If person holding item, can make a STR test, reduce caster successes per strength successes, only 1 success needed to move. Type: Physical, Range: LOS, Target: 4, Duration: Sustained, Drain: (F/2)+1 Lethal

Bullet Barrier - rank 2 - Similar to the physical barrier spell (p. 158, SRII), the bullet barrier spell provides protection against bullets and other ballistic weapons. The barrier's effective Barrier Rating equals the spell's Force Rating. The Ballistic Armor Rating can be added to the Barrier Rating.
The personal form of this spell has a Drain Code of [(F / 2)+2]L.
Type: Physical Range: LOS, Target: 6
Duration: Sustained, Drain: [(F / 2)+2]M

Bind - rank 2 - This spell entraps and holds the target in bands of mystical energy. The magician makes a Spell Success Testusing the target's Quickness Attribute Rating as the target number. The target resists by making a Quickness Success Test against a target number equal to the Force Rating of the spell. Net successes in the caster's favor provide the effective Barrier Rating of the mystic energy.
The character can attempt to escape by breaking the bands. In this situation, compare the character's Strength Rating to the Barrier Rating, per those rules (p. 98, SRII). The character must make a Strength Success Test against a target number equal to the Force Rating of the spell in order to exert more pressure against the bonds. Every 2 successes the character rolls allows him to increase his effective Strength Rating by 1 for this purpose. Upon breaking free, he must make a Body Success Test to resist (Character's Strength)L Stun damage, representing the fatigue caused by his efforts.
Type: Physical Range: LOS Target: Quickness(R) Duration: Sustained Drain: [(F / 2)+2]S



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