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Welcome to Confederated American States. You watch your step, you hear?

The birth of the CAS came about in the Succession Fever of 2034. Though the UCAS was reluctant to lose the southern bloc, any attempt to keep the states would have devastated both sides. Particularly after the war with the Native Americans, VITAS and matrix crash ā€“ there simply were no resources available to fight a protracted war. As a result, secession went relatively smoothly. National Guard units loyal to the seceding states were allowed to break away, reforming under a new name. Atlanta was established as the new capitol.

But succession came with a price. With no treaties to bind it, Aztlan immediately began a military takeover of southern Texas ā€“ pushing as far as Austin before the new and disorganized CAS government could scramble forces to help. Texas seceded from the CAS in frustration and attempted to request UCAS aid in regaining the lost territory (in exchange for their rejoining UCAS). However, it's former parent nation was still reeling from recent losses. Even with the promise of regaining Texas' vast natural resources, the proposition of taking on Aztlan when the UCAS still possessed no standing magical forces of their own was one it had to decline. Texas was forced to rejoin the CAS.

The modern nation of CAS is extremely isolationist, traditional and protectionist. This has extended not just in politics and trade, but also attitudes about magic and shifting nature of technology. Trade is restricted and under tariff, recreational substances are heavily restricted or illegal by blue laws ā€“ only alcohol and the mildest simsense are legal in the state, and can only be sold through state-owned 'indulgence' stores. In addition, the new state has been involved in several conflicts with it's neighbors. Aztlan and CAS are extremely cool and hostile toward one another. Besides the loss of south Texas, CAS has retaliated by establishing a full trade embargo in recent years. No goods to or from Aztlan can pass through CAS ports, which has forced Aztlan to route considerable shipping through the pirate-run and operated Caribbean League rather then the relative safety of the New Orleans port.

With the NAN, there has been continued tense relations since the Treaty of Denver (many CAS citizens feeling that the terms were too generous or the US and Canada gave up too easily). Relations didn't explode until an independent citizens group investigated the status and treatment of Metahumans in CAS in the 40's. The group found that the non-recognition of Metahumans as citizens in the CAS meant many were being driven from their homes or dispossessed of property. The NAN council voted unanimously to impose stiff trade sanctions, cutting off much overland and air shipping from the west coast into the CAS. It also forced a cut off of access to the port of Seattle, due to the UCAS agreements with the Salish. The embargo has lifted in recent years since recognition of metahuman rites and citizenship were pushed through in 2044, but neither side is particularly friendly.

The assassination of Secretary of State Douglas Bennett (and his elven mistress) in 2048 and mishandling by the government has caused race relations and politics in CAS to become extremely tense. Riots in Atlanta and leaks have caused the trial of the assassin to reach mistrial twice now. It's uncertain if the government will be able to resolve the situation without further scandal. But CAS has managed to ensure invasion, internal infighting and corruption. If one thing can be said, it's always a nation of opportunity for an enterprising Shadowrunner.



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