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  • Shining capital of the CAS. Don't believe the brochures, it's just as full of shadows and poverty as anywhere else. Overcrowding in the northern subur...

Shining capital of the CAS. Don't believe the brochures, it's just as full of shadows and poverty as anywhere else. Overcrowding in the northern suburbs have left a lingering animosity toward the Japanese and other representatives of foreign corporations who've been buying up residential property for vast condominium projects. Several policlubs based on warped ideals of national and racial purity still exist in Atlanta. The city is a hot spot of rival interests. A city government helpless to control the violence, crime and poverty dominating areas outside of the corp compounds. A state government desperate to contain and undermine the influence of the Atlanta sprawl. Home to a fractious, divided national government that stirs conflict with all sides.

The most prominent recent event in greater Atlanta was a corp war between two rival insurance companies (North American Eagle and Cord Mutual) both seeking the profitable CAS employee contract left thousands dead when assassinations, arson and bombs began killing prominent clients of the rival company. What began as a clandestine corporate power struggle became a bloody war. Ended only when Cord Mutual was able to prove that Eagle had been funding a terrorist group named the Medusa Sisterhood, and seized the profitable contract amidst unproven rumors that Cord had been involved in far bloodier groups. An unrelated accident in the company's skyraker led to the closing of the building's top 25 floors. They remain sealed to this day, and it is known as the Dark Tower by the locals.

Crime wise, the city is dominated by the Seoulpa rings, who have pushed even the Mafia and Yakuza out of their traditional places of power such as extortion, gambling, and BTL chip rackets. The Yakuza here primarily run the black market of Atlanta, with considerable support of the Seoulpa. Because the Yakuza of Atlanta are not part of the Watada-Rengo of the Pacific rim, they are not bound by the actions or rules of it's oyabun. So the Yakuza of Atlanta have fairly warm relations here work fairly closely with the Seoulpa. The only major competitors are the Gianellis Mafia family, who still have a considerable chunk of the smuggling business. It's only a matter of time before the Yakuza or the Seoulpa decide to call in artillery to push the Mafia out entirely.

 Geography and Landmarks


The heart of the Atlanta sprawl is the Downtown district, an area filled with blocks of skyscrapers rising into the sky and casting their shadows on the city streets far below. The sky is filled with buzzing commuter aircraft and video ad blimps shouting sales slogans. Once you leave the main highways, the streets are packed with traffic and the sidewalks are crowded with pedestrians.

Towering above all the downtown buildings is the Cord Mutual Insurance skyraker. This 500-story building vaults into the clouds like a great ebony pillar of metal and polymers. Nearby is the Saeder Krupp North American HQ, the giant governmental park of the CAS, the official independent CDC (Center for Disease Control) office, and numerous other Skyrakers.

Downtown Atlanta is also home to the nightclubs, retail showrooms, boutiques and company-owned condominiums. Underneath downtown are a series of officially sanctioned underground malls that have been built over the last two decades, as well as a large number of unofficial and illegal clubs. Called "Thrill Caves" – these range from public to elite and password.


South of I-20 is Southtown, the blight of the Atlanta sprawl. Filled with the poor, homeless, and the violently criminal, it is a pit out of which rises Atlanta's dark tide of crime. The only part of Southtown the APF patrols is the Zoo, and even that isn't helping to maintain attendance.

The most dangerous place in Southtown is the area around the Fulton County Stadium. It was used for various corps and scientists as test labs for projects. The dome was abandoned for almost ten years before the homeless began moving in and using the coliseum for shelter. The City of Atlanta had no reason to interfere. All it meant to city officials was that a thousand "problem" homeless were no longer wandering the streets.

Something changed in the done a few years ago. Suddenly a huge number of homeless fled out of the dome - setting up shanty town homes outside and around the old stadium. On seemingly random nights, the masses crowd back into the dome to view a kind of gladiatorial battle in which an outside domer tries to dethrone an insider. The domers refer to the special battlefield where these fights occur as the Killground.

Besides the violence of areas such as domer territory, Southtown also offers all the known vices. Chiphouses dens are filled with BTL abusers who come to the houses to chip into their deadly fantasies. Those run by Seoulpa Rings also offer prostitution. Gangs often battle over the best street corners for pushing in order to earn more nuyen from their Seoulpa Ring bosses. Several warehouses in Southtown are centers of the black market trade, into large open-air bazaars as well as storage for large-volume transactions. The security is actually rather light because the gangs and the Rings know which buildings are off limits.



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