• Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex
  • With the fall of San Antonio and northern Austin in the Aztlan invasion, DFW now serves as the shining state capital of Texas. The metroplex is even m...

With the fall of San Antonio and northern Austin in the Aztlan invasion, DFW now serves as the shining state capital of Texas. The metroplex is even more drastically overcrowded then ever before, with the refugees from the Treaty of Denver out of NAN territory, and ongoing refugees from the south escaping Aztlan occupation. Traditional in it's laws and restrictions, fractious between all it's differing groups, DFW Metroplex is a microcosom of the nation it resides in.

The corporations of Dallas Fort Worth have been engaged in bloody economic warfare with their Japanese rivals for decades. Starting when Texas Instruments defeated rival company Miroyama in patent court and causing the heads of Miroyama to commit seppuku. This gave Texas Instruments commanding global dominance in the field of semiconductors and other components. There is no love lost and potential for considerable money and chaos to be had in this area.

 Geography and Landmarks

 The glass and steel skyscrapers of downtown Dallas and Fort Worth represent vast amounts of the economic power in the region. Mosts large corps and many of their employees are housed in the area. Arlington has fallen into disrepair and urban rot after it's major sources of jobs relocated to Grand Prairie, and with it many residents. Now, anything south of I-80 is suffering. Several ethnic enclaves exist in the city – Garland being largely ork and troll now, while Elves have largely resettled around Benbrook Lake on the SW edge of the metroplex. The very wealthiest executives of the city living in villas surrounding the city lakes. Visitors are advised to keep a safe distance, as the security of these villas typically have an itchy trigger finger.

Eight Flags over Texas in DFW remains a popular amusement park and collection of historical memorabilia. Rides and pavilions extend off the park's focal point, the relocated Alamo. With gates flanked by the goddesses of Liberty that once graced the dome of Austin's capitol building, the Alamo stands as a shrine for those Texans who died fighting for freedom. It was moved block by block, including a large portion of the land on which it rested, from San Antonio while the Texas Rangers struggled to hold back the advancing Aztlan forces in 2034. Though San Antonio fell to the invaders, the Alamo still belongs to Texas.

The abandoned General Motors plant in Arlington has been converted to a massive refugee and homeless shelter for the DFW area. The CAS headquarters of the Universal Brotherhood also rests nearby in Irving, as an additional source of assistance to the needy of the region. Squatter and homeless populations around it have fallen off significantly as the Brotherhood rehabilitates and releases them back into the community as productive members.

Texas Instruments maintains a vast corporate habitat in DFW, that covers the entire area around the intersection of Highway 75 (North Central Expressway) and 1H 635. It towers over North Dallas as a symbol of local power and prestige. Containing manufacturing, research, residence, and entertainment facilities, TI is also the target of many Japanese megacorps seeking revenge for prior slights or to unseat the giant. The current rival is Motorola-Hiatsu, that seeks to displace TI as the dominant component manufacturer in the region.

In other notable areas of the plex, Grand Prairie is attempting to become a new hub of fashion in North America, capitalizing on the fall and decline of New York after the earthquake rocked it. Mesquite has become a major player in petrochemical production, the factories in this area much more drab and discreet then the apocalyptic spires of light and steel used in the past. Richardson/Plano has become one of the most technically advanced parts of the metroplex. Many of the major Japanese and Korean electronics and high technology firms have begun establishing major presence in this zone.



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