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  • Friendly NPC's and Contacts to the "Hell on Heels" Shadowrunners.

Friendly NPC's and Contacts to the "Hell on Heels" Shadowrunners.

Kiva is the head of the Seoulpa ring (The Sang-In) that operates the Downtown docks. In-charge for over 10 years now, he maintains several small legitimate businesses in the downtown area that act as fronts. He comes across as a jovial young man who treats his people well.

He struggles with the responsibilities of maintaining the flow of resources for the Seoulpa that exists further inside Seattle that rely on his people for supplies, while contending against the Yakuza and Mafia that dominate much of the Downtown scene. He has survived by maintaining a near-obsessive level of operational secrecy about his ring, with only trusted contacts (such as Hot Lips) knowing they even exist.

What the group knows: Kiva has been around for a while. Hot Lips knows that Kiva knew Inagawa before the Yakuza purged the non-Japanese from the pre-purge, and seems to be on a somewhat personal level of knowledge.

He's suffered some concerning setbacks of late, with an attack by a mysterious mage and a group of Merlyners during a dock offloading. During the Seattle blackout, multiple attacks were made various against Seoulpa bases of operations. Including toward Jun and one of the Seoulpa docks. Most the attackers were killed, with the exception of one captured attacker. Under "severe questioning" the survivor has claimed to having worked for the Tongs.

A scary, scary little dwarf lady with a shock of spiky pink hair. Chief Interrogator for the Brain Eaters, she has a creative flair for getting information out of people and really loves her job.

Her matrix persona is unknown.

First met by Hot Lips and Lotus when they were questioning the sole survivor of a small group of Tengu gangers who attacked the old Skyline. Also accompanied the group (Hot Lips, Lotus, Gonk and Tish) on the MechaComp run.

A very, very cheery mystery. The deck that the program exists on was bought in a Touristville pawn shop, and originally thought by Lotus to be the on-board tutorial program that hadn't been wiped properly. It's incredibly unreliable and easily confused, and almost obnoxiously determined to be helpful. Often to the detriment of all involved.

Over time, it's now believed to be some manner of prototype expert assistance interface that Dodger was designing in collaboration with Devon Eurich, and an unknown third party known only through a voice on a video recording as "Celeste'.

Four of ten “Persona” type chips are in the possession of our heroes, although one does not appear to be functioning properly. Currently Clippy resides on the computers of the Little Garden.

A playboys playboy. A strikingly beautiful young man with ass-length black hair, purple eyes and impeccable suits. He has been found frequently haunting the dance floors of the famous "Dante" nightclub, and seems to flirt with pretty much everyone he comes across.

Things Known or Believed about Dio:

  • Lotus and Hotlips: He has a condo nearby to Dante, drives cars recklessly and often, has some knowledge of the side effects of mind-magic, and has in utmost secrecy claimed to be a dragon. He insists he can't prove that though, and is extremely likely to be be more then a little crazy.
  • Lotus: Knows that he actually owns Dante.
  • Tish: Is convinced that he is a retired or current shadowrunner with an assassins background.
Dodger is the man, the legend. The elven decker extraordinaire, in the top five of deckers in the world, a name even Fastjack respects. His past before he turned up on the Seattle shadow-scene 20 years ago is utterly unknown, but since then he's made a name for himself as an exceptional decker and an amazing coder. Up until recently, he kept strictly to himself as a solo runner, and didn't interact much with the world or Shadow scene except when he needed to do a job for money.

His matrix persona is unknown to the group, but prior to his disappearance was a small black humanoid figure with a cloak of stars.

What the Group Knows:
Something happened during development of the program currently called “Clippy” that provoked an attack on Dodger by Renraku's Red Samurai guard, leveling his residence to the ground and starting a 'discreet' city-wide manhunt for him. Devon Eurich is somehow involved, however both the circumstances of the event and the details of the program are unknown even to him, because he dumped significant portions of the last several years onto his onboard cyberbrain and went on a six-month bender to lose the heat. What is known is that Dodger scattered some extremely prototype Persona chips from the deck in multiple locations, stashed a prototype motherboard inside a deck and left it at a friend's pawnshop – where Lotus later purchased it.
At the moment, Dodger is living at the Little Garden, recovering from the damage he did to his body and trying to piece together what he did to invoke the wrath of Renraku.

Old Man Flair is the owner of Orion Organic Groceries and Specialty Foods in Bellvue. Older human man, with salt-and-pepper white hair, bright green eyes and a little trimmed goatee. He seems to know a lot of people in Seattle, and mysteriously ends up will all manner of fresh and rare food stuffs that range from unusual to exotic to borderline illegal. He grows his own tea somewhere in town, which he sells in different blends. Something of a curmudgeon when it comes to what he views as "nosy laws", he has no problem dealing in every kind of smuggled food stuff as long as it's not poisonous or deadly. Many of the old guard Shadowrunners of Seattle who are "in the know" treat him as a fence and appraiser for rare foodstuffs.

How aware he actually is of the criminal nature of his buyers and sellers is a mystery.

Hot Lips, Tish and Hoff originally met across him while trying to locate his nephew Tege. Tege, being the punk kid wannabe shadowrunner who acted as the inside guy for the runners who hit Global Tech.

He hired two of Hot Lips siblings to help around the shop. Tish was hired to make several improvements to the shop security, and he subsequently put her in contact with a friend (Martin Ciarniellos) who was looking for a security contractor.

A skinny, pale little punk kid that looks like he could barely lift up a gun. He's a little jittery and spastic at the best of times, but somehow he's managed to remain a member of the Brain Eaters all this time.

Lotus met him originally as a Rent-A-Rigger run, having to pick up his scrawny butt ahead of a Knight Errant team busting him for hacking a database.

His matrix persona takes the form of a robot figure made entirely of fuses.

Recently he hired Hell on Heels to help them erase all record of Seattle deck sales for the past year, to prevent Renraku from using that information to hunt down all the little deck-heads (including Lotus). He lives somewhere in the Touristville area.

Geneva is a young office worker in the employ of Ares. She managed the front desk into the lab area, and was always very cheerful and friendly towards Telchar. Bright red hair, pale freckled face in the loveliest dress suits she could afford.

When Telchar realized how his inventions were being used by Ares to support the slaughter in El Infernio, and began to make plans for escape, she was very supportive and even offered her assistance to him at great personal risk. Working with Laurel Swifteye at Telchar's behest the two women lined up all the arrangements for him once he escaped the lab. From the pickup vehicle, the smuggler flight, and a basic squat and supplies in Seattle.

Kenoma is a dwarven fixer, self-exiled from Japan about fifteen years ago, ahead of the Yamato accords that made it illegal for most Metahumans to survive in Japan. The old dwarf is known to miss home and can become incredibly bitter about his exile when provoked or drunk. He acts as a Fixer for relatively new runners, as his reputation for caution and honesty means that new drekheads have a fighting chance of surviving their first runs.

He has a small residence just inside Renton from the Redmond Barrens.

The group has since learned that he and Dodger ran together a few times in their early days, and he has worked to back them up in their attempts to help the elf.

Thanh (Tah-nah) has been in the International district operating as a tailor and boutique owner for nearly 15 years. Having arrived prior to the Seoulpa purge, she is set up between the Chinese and Japanese districts with minimal scuffle and paying protection money to whomever controlled the area at the time. Her skills as a traditional tailor (nigh on to a lost art) have made her invaluable to the high ranking spouses of the local crime rings. Particularly those that accept Metahumans, who often have trouble getting properly fitted dress clothing.

She has built a reputation as an excellent craftsmanship on all her products, which lets her spend considerable time gossiping with the spouses. As a result, she is typically in the know on much of the politics and backstabbing going on in the Yakuza and Tongs. From who is up and coming and who is on the outs.

She is a contact for Tish and Lotus.

Vanessa is the MD in Chief at Redmond General, Barrens. A tired, bitter woman with a short bob of brown hair turning gray and a pack-a-day habit. Her specialty is in cyberware and biotech.

She received position by being the top man on the totem pole of seniority when the Redmond government collapsed in the wake of VITAS and the NAN war. The three doctors above her all pulled in political favors to transfer out of the hospital as ash began to fall from Mount St Helens among the plague-afflicted. Most of the administrative staff simply fled.

She's made the best of the situation – using bribery, creative forgery and falsified records to keep government and charity funding trickling in to their beleaguered outpost in the midst of the Redmond ruins. She sells services and supplies on the black market to help keep the lights on, allows street docs to operate out of the many empty offices for a small fee, while various charity groups run clinics and soup kitchens out of the first floor.

The hospital periodically changes who it obtains security from, to keep muscle on premises to deal with unruly locals but also to preserve neutrality among the various crime factions. The street docs are required to maintain clean facilities and display at least a minimal level of skill. But otherwise, they must source their own materials or purchase them from Vanessa.

Kejak is a local bookstore owner in Seattle Downtown for the past several years. Before the bookstore he is known to have been a wage mage that got burned out, hard. A tall, russet-skinned man who has shaved his head save for a single topknot ponytail, with crows feet wrinkles around his eyes, and typically wearing a smart pantsuit under a carefully embroidered kaftan.

He uses his knowledge of magics and prior street work to become a fixer for the local hermetic mages in the community, occasional knowledge resource for runners and some-times fence.

The second in command and faceman for the Red Hot Nukes. The chocolate to Grinder's peanut butter. Where Grinder is a paranoid, suspicious (if brilliant) leader, Sparky is a stout, jovial dwarf with a shaggy main of dark hair and a happy attitude for everyone. He handles public relations with other gangs, shadowrunners and internal relations within the group.

Lotus first met him after the Red Hot Nukes lured a group of Rusted Stilettos into the Snohmish drainage trench. He randomly pops up at the little garden from time to time to help Lotus out with tune-ups.

While his skills with demolitions aren't fully known, he has been seen acting as a 'lift for Lotus when she needs to get under a car.

Not much is known about Aleas prior to the Night of Rage. As the smoke settled in the SeaTac Underground, Mama Strongarm emerged as a leader and organizer to the brand new community of Metas. She held the Underground together through incursions from above, the eventual departure of the Dwarves from the underground, and the madness of the Rusted Stilettos. Although she found families for hundreds of orphaned ork children, a dozen ended up remaining in her care permanently.

Now an Elder in the community, she runs much of the services-side of the Ork underground government. If you need sources of information in the underground, this is the person.

Laurel is a chinook Salish with a passion for machines. Dark haired, dark eyed woman in perpetual overalls and extensive grease stains. Not much is known about why, but she left her ancestral lands ten years prior for the city of Seattle.

She works and owns a major garage now, and on the side acts as a point of contact and fixer for new, young Salish in Seattle.

Telchar has known her for several years now, as they both haunted the same drone theorists group on the matrix. Several times she traveled out to LA to see the drone fights there and would meet up with "The Hammer" to go see some matches at UCLA together. She was recently inspired to take up the mantle of organizer for the Seattle drone ring. She worked with his friend Geneva to arrange for the smugglers to get him from LA to Seattle.

No one is sure what the eight-foot tall fury guy is. Built like a troll, without horns or dermal armoring, communicating only in grunts and growls. He seems to have a great love of alcohol.

Originally found in a Bargain Basement flop house in a particularly case of hilarious mistaken identity while (Lotus, Hot Lips) were searching for Dodger, he was lured out of his resting place with a bottle of whiskey.

Whiskey is now a permanent feature on the Little Garden sofa. Except for when Lotus takes him out on the town as a bodyguard, or he insists on being her body guard. The only known time he fully sobered up was when Gonk was in danger. This lasted a full three days, until the Day of the Trees, when he started drinking again.



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