• Known Enemies
  • NPCs that are known to have some form of hostile or ill intent toward Hell on Heels. Includes deceased.

NPCs that are known to have some form of hostile or ill intent toward Hell on Heels. Includes deceased.

Local fixer for runners, who hired Freya, Val and Griffin to help him steal the Global Tech dream chips at the behest of Mitchel Pengrave and Junior.

He willingly popped the leadership dreamchip codenamed "Khan". While under the influence of said chip, began creating a new gang named "Tengu" in the Bellvue outskirts and uniting the various local street gangs into a larger group.

He was last seen after Hell on Heels (Gonk, Tish, Hot Lips and Lotus) blew open a Bellvue warehouse, knocked out the gang members that were meeting with him, and left him unconscious after pulling the chip. His fate is unknown, but crime in the Bellvue district has dropped off significantly in recent weeks.

James Morrow, famous Ork philanthropist. Gonk “identified” the gentleman when he pulled up on the street corner and attempted to pick up our dolled-up friend – and then attempted to slash him.

Turned out to have the dreamchip codenamed “Ripper” plugged in, however it is still not known to the party how he obtained it from Griffin or if Griffin was actually James Morrow.

No report of his death was ever aired, and Lone Star claimed to have 'found' and killed the serial killer a week later in a shoot-out.

A tall, particularly ugly specimen of Ork kind, though always impeccably dressed. Despite being the head of a cybernetic software department at a young age and a very talented designer in his own right, he became incredibly disgruntled when his father (Martelli Sr) left his shares of the company to his partner Urlan Manes rather than Junior. As a result, Junior turned to rival company Hollywood Simsense to get revenge on his father and Urlan. Mitchel Pengrave put together the runners, and Junior provided the name of a potential fall guy (Tege).

When Roxxane Winters hired a rival Shadowrunner team to recover the chips, he became concerned and alerted Cooperman of the efforts. When Tengu failed to stop them, he attempted to kill off the team (Hot Lips, Lotus, Tish, Gonk and Winters) directly. Which failed.

After being captured, Winters told the group to deal with him however they saw fit, so long as it didn't come back on her.

He was last seen being hauled off by Hot Lips and Gonk. Unbeknownst to the rest of the group, Hot Lips took Junior to the Body Mall in the southern Barrens and sold him off for “parts” - 2k nuyen of "unexpected windfall".

Owner of Hollywood Simsense, rival to the R&D studio Global Tech. When a disgruntled "Junior" approached him with an offer to hand over the latest Global Tech research discovery, he hired Cooperman to pull the theft.

The dream-chipped Val manipulated him handily however in the aftermath, right up until the groups rescue/kidnapping of her to recover dreamchip codenamed "Cleopatra".

Last seen on the KSAF news looking for any news on his “beloved Val”.



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