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  • NPCs that are currently (at the time of this writing) neutral, mixed or of unknown opinion toward the group.

NPCs that are currently (at the time of this writing) neutral, mixed or of unknown opinion toward the group.

Chief of Police for Seattle-Tacoma's Lone Star division. He's held the office for the last 10 years, despite the heavy demands of the metropolitan area. Clark has spent much of his time trying to deal with organized crime in the city, rooting out corruption in his own department and trying to make headway against the four big crime organizations. He's had numerous successes, including a large number of public official convictions. While it might be a drop in the bucket, his overall track record has made him a major political target for removal.

Gonk got to know Addler during his first time stationed in Ft. Lewis, when a number of bomb threats on Addler's life forced the UCAS military to assign Gonk as his bodyguard while his team tried to find the group responsible. They became good friends during the course of the assignment and still went out for drinks from time to time.

Very little is known about the Yakuza boss known as Inagawa. He's an older japanesse gentleman, someone of note in the Seattle Yakuza, and Iron Lotus calls him "Uncle".

What is known to the Group:

  • He's third in command of the Gumi of Seattle, the largest organized group of Yakuza outside of Japan.
  • Many speculate that he is the real power behind Hanzo Shotozumi, the leader of the Seattle Gumi.
  • He has made a "promise" to "thank" Hot Lips with a "gift" for her taking care of Lotus after the dock attack.
  • Kiva has told Hot Lips that Inagawa's promises of a gift are a mark to all other Yakuza of a city that he has plans, and may not harm or kill that person until he finds a suitable  revenge for the crime they have committed. They should definitely be feared.

A middle-aged career military man, Chris has sandy-brown hair that stays cropped and usually seen in uniform. His residence is located on base. Gonk made friends with the man during his time(s) stationed at Ft Lewis over a shared fandom of Hello Kitty.

What the Group Knows:

During Gonk's first outing with the group (to lure out the Dreamchip codenamed "Ripper") the delusional Gonk borrowed a shirt and bolt of high-impact fabric from the quartermaster off the books. The high impact fabric worked wonders in protecting him from the cybered killer, but as the operation wasn't actually on the books, the Quartermaster warned he would need a favor later. At said behest of Chris Bradock, Gonk was asked to go talk to Taichi Souta – a man Chris claimed owed him money. Hot Lips chose to accompany him, and things went south when Taichi Souta turned out to be a Yakuza gun runner who claimed to have not received the promised shipment. As a result, he was pretty pissed off when someone showed up demanding payment. Despite this, Hot Lips and Gonk are allowed to leave unharmed for reasons uncertain.

Subsequently the group decides to investigate the Sargent. After some extensive and amazing Matrix searches, Tish finds a few pings on the matrix that matches her sound file of Chris Bradock to another fellow, by the name of "Brad Reynolds". Gonk snuck into Reynolds office and snapped a few photos of his desk space. The only notable item was a sticky note

"DHC for NC"

The group also investigated a few bars in the area that are commonly haunted by soldiers. "Loveland Quinn", "The Big 'O'" and "The Drunken Non-Com". Opting to hack the security of "The Big 'O'", the group found out that a "Brad Reynolds" has a reservation there every three week. The next one 9 days from now. Tish set up a partition on the Big O computer to save video recordings to the security computer.

Since then the group has been busy rescuing Gonk, suspicion has fallen on him as being involved in the events that nearly killed their friend, but no verification has been made yet.

A mysteriously well-dressed elf the group met in Bargain Basement, that had an unusual number of fine uniforms. Including a pair of uniforms that supposedly belonged to Dunkelzahn Enterprises.

He disappeared out of Bargain Basement a few days after the sale. Soon after ninjas broke into the Little Garden and stole the uniform Lotus had purchased. His origin, purpose and method of obtaining his wares remaining a mystery.

An elven mage with white-blonde hair and a serious attitude. She was part of the runner group that attacked Global Tech, but was left behind to escape on foot when she was injured. She thus escaped having one of the dreamchips plugged into her head, but she almost didn’t make it out of Global Tech alive after taking several rounds from Roxxane Winters.

Our heroes (Lotus, Hot Lips, Gonk and Tish) met her at Bob's Quickstitch after being flash-banged by Tish into cooperation.

Her location is unknown at this time, but odds are good she has a serious axe to grind with Cooperman for failing to pay her.

The eccentric but brilliant leader of one of the biggest Seoulpa rings in Seattle, the Poleuno Ring. They operate out of the Hollywood neighborhood of the Barrens.

Jun has both a creative, inventive mind for simsense, but also a keen mind for business. He knows what will sell in a given market, who to cast and how to get a given special effect on duct tape and shoe strings. He's produced a considerable amount of the original simsense porn and BTLs the Seoulpa distribute across the continent, which has pushed them into the competitive leagues with Mafia and Yakuza.

A prominent yakuza weapons-dealer that has a vague association with Chris Bradock, and nearly killed Hot Lips and Gonk when they came to collect money.

The group recently learned that Taichi Souta works directly for Inagawa, and handles arms sales between Bradock and the Yakuza.

An experienced rigger-pilot that had been hired as part of a group to hit Global Tech. She had the misfortune of having the spy-dreamchip, codenamed "Cleopatra", forcefully shoved into her head.

The group encountered her under the influence of said chip, winning and dinning Mitchel Pengrave (of Hollywood Simsense) until the group captured her out of the Queen's Hill Marina.

The group is also aware that she had some kind of cyber or bioware that allows her to quickly recover from narcojet and other chemicals. After pulling the chip, she was last seen flying out of the Barrens in her Yellowjacket aircraft. She is believed to be “kidnapped” by Pengrave and Lone Star.

A tall human woman with white hair, that favors tailored pant suits and unfiltered cigarettes. She is head of Internal Security at Global Tech, fiercely loyal to Urlan Manes and long-time critic of Junior.

She pushed Urlan into hiring runners (original Lotus, Hot Lips and Hoff, later Hoff left and Tish and Gonk joined the group) to re-capture the lost chips before their presentation deadline for the UCAS military.

Ms Winters was last seen after Junior ambushed the group at the Banshee, telling our heroes to deal with him however they see fit. She later met with the group at Thrud's to pick up the remaining chips.



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