• Novastorm
  • Identity: Tiberius Sorin - the playboy ShadowRunner: Novastorm, or Nova Specialty: Combat Mage Age: 27 Height: 5'8" He's known among high society as a...

Identity: Tiberius Sorin - the playboy
ShadowRunner: Novastorm, or Nova
Specialty: Combat Mage
Age: 27
Height: 5'8"

He's known among high society as a fop, a trust fund baby that's regarded as generally worthless unless its a bit of gossip or a good time you're looking for. The story goes that he's a huge disappointment to his parents and family (from Denver), but that they would rather let him party it up to his heart's content in Seattle (out of the way) than risk any sort of scandal involving disowning him. A few years ago, he landed in Seattle after spending a number of years traveling the world, having a good time.

The truth of the matter is that Nova is actually a very hard working combat mage. Even as a young boy (he's in his late-twenties), he saw magic as the answer to everything and was determined to learn all he could. He spent a number of years studying under the tutelage of a mage under the employ of the Aztec corporation in Denver. He did well, but would only perform to the bare minimum to pass whenever tests came up. As such, he was used for the next 3 years making simple fetishes and foci for Aztec. What they didn't realize, was that he studied harder than anyone guessed and became very skilled at empowering jewelry into foci for his own spells. Given the unlimited access of resources he was able to use at Aztec, he pushed his abilities to the limit and quickly developed a plan for his future.

When his time was done in Denver, he decided it was time to strike out on his own in Seattle. Being a corporate mage may be a relatively boring job, but it paid well. He listened in on innumerable business meetings when some underling wanted to keep his client on edge and used the knowledge gathered there to invest his own money quite well. By the time he left, he had amassed a small fortune.

Bored of the corporate life, he was determined to have a more exciting life and after a couple of weeks in Seattle, devised his plan of working the underground circuit as a combat mage, finally putting his skills and talent to their full potential. He goes to great lengths to ensure his clients never get site of his true face though. When on the job, he will always wear a billowing black-hooded cloak emblazoned with mystical symbols (and matching gloves), underneath which his face is covered in what in our time would appear to be spandex and mirrored glasses. He has worked extremely hard to keep his two lives completely separate.

The Disguise
Is his disguise physical (cloak/masks/glasses) - an illusion spell, or a bit of both? Combination of both - the hooded cloak, mask, and "glasses" (as dumb as it sounds, think spiderman, except all black with more runes like the cloak), are all physical. A small diamond nose stud he wears contains a basic illusion spell that's activated in the event his mask is removed by anyone not matching his DNA. It would show him as an individual of the same age, etc - just different features, shorter hair and blond instead of black.

He's relatively handsome, has long, straight, jet black hair, and insists on wearing the finest clothes he can find - Suits cut in the latest business styles, etc. He has a ring on every finger, and 4 earrings (2 in each ear). All of these are spell foci, without which, his abilities are far less than they appear to be. He's about 5'8", thin, with that generally athletic look, but not remotely bulky.

Why He Shadowruns
Is it mainly boredom that has him running the shadows? Does he have any plans or goals in becoming a street mage? He's a glory hound, always needing to do things to separate himself from the rest of the family that never thought he was very good at anything. He plans on revealing the true nature of what he is when Novastorm is a name that even those of his family would recognize as impressive.

Unmasked and Fabulous

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