• Iron Lotus
  • Japanese Schoolgirl turned Rigger, Connected to the Yakuza

Lotus Character Info

Shadowrunner Alias: Iron Lotus

Birth Name: Shoko Masaru
Alias in Japan/Matrix Persona: Tenth, Kite, Iron Lotus
Mother: Kisawa Nisama, Pale Lotus
Unknown - Yakuza boss
Kakuji 'Seijo' Inagawa, Seattle
Japanese (native), German, English, Mandarin Chinese
Theme: Rigger, Engineer, Japanese School Girl

Flaw - Clippy

Value: -5
She has a fantastic deck! But it comes with an Enemy of 5. Oops.

Flaw - Curiosity

Value: -3
Your natural curiosity is strong enough to override your common sense, even if you possess that Edge. To resist the temptation to investigate mysteries, make a Willpower roll. Resisting "I wonder what's in that cabinet?" requires only a 4, but "I'll just peek into the Renraku mainframe— no one will notice!" requires an 8. 

Flaw - Favors

Value: -3 
Owes her uncle within the Yakuza so very much, even her life. 

Matrix Addict

Mild -2 
The character must spend a minimum of 4 hours per day online or suffer a +1 modifier to all target numbers. Each day the character is deprived of his online time, the modifier increases by 1, to a maximum +8. A character with the Matrix Addiction flaw is addicted to spending time in the Matrix. On a basic level, the character attempts to jack in as much as possible, often for a length of time considered unhealthy. The character becomes adept at finding excuses for spending time online and easily becomes cranky if deprived of Matrix access. Because the character spends so much time in the Matrix, he or she also tends to let their real-life social skills lapse. 

Flaw - Distinctive Style

Value: -1
Style: All of her vehicles are marked, leaves a painted mark everywhere!
The Distinctive Style Flaw indicates that a character has a flair for the dramatic in dress, behavior and speech, and simply can't stand not being recognized for his or her work. Understandably, this makes the character dangerously memorable at times. 
Any individual who attempts to track or physically locate the character receives a -1 target modifier on all tests made during such attempts. 

Edge - Vehicle Empathy

Value: +2
Characters with Vehicle empathy seem to understand vehicles and are able to coax more performance from vehicles than most people can, simply by being in physical contact with them. Whenever such a character is in physical contact with a vehicle, (either through manual controls or jacked into the vehicle), reduce the Handling of the vehicle by 1.

Bonus Attribute Point

Value: +2
Chosen Attribute: Intelligence
A player can gain 1 bonus Attribute Point for his or her character. The bonus Attribute Point can be added to any Mental or Physical Attribute. A bonus Attribute Point can be used to raise the character's starting Attribute above the Racial Modified Limit (see Exceptional Attribute below and Improving Attributes, p. 244 of SR3). Only one Attribute per character may be increased in this manner, and only one bonus point can be applied to any single Attribute. 

Reputation: Yakuza 2

She has a rep with the Yakuza but doesn't realize the depth of that reputation.

Reputation: Brain Eaters 1 (2)

She is working to make a name for herself as their go to rigger.

Reputation: Red Hot Nukes 1

She is a great friend to Sparky!

Reputation: Bargain Basement 1 (2)

THE Black Market of Seattle.

Contact: Thanh Ngo, Designer 1

International District, between Old Chinatown and Japan area. Thanh (or Tana) has been in the International district operating as a tailor and boutique owner for nearly 15 years. Having arrived after the Seoulpa purge, she is set up between the Chinese and Japanese districts with little scuffle – paying her protection money to whomever controlled the area at the time. Her skills as a tailor (nigh on to a lost art) have made her invaluable to the high ranking spouses of the local crime rings – particularly those that accept Metahumans. She has built a reputation for excellent craftsman ship on all her products, which lets her spend considerable time gossiping with the spouses. As a result, she is up on much of the politics and backstabbing going on in both groups. Who is up and coming and who is on the outs. As vietnamese, she has thus far avoided having to be impressed into any crime ring. And has been able to continue operating in the buffer zone between Chinatown and the Yakuza houses/businesses. She's keen on expanding the business to attract more of the younger crowd.

Contact: Kenoma, Fixer 1

Kenoma is a cranky dwarf fixer that specializes in hiring SINless for local businesses and the crime syndicates. His work ranges from just needing muscle for an illegal job – like smuggling or BTL production, to actual runs like extractions, data steals and other small hits. While he may not get you to the big time, he's remarkably honest with his jobs, and never sells potential runners or new guys out.

Character Sheet

Body 3
Quickness 6
Strength 2
Charisma 4
Intelligence 7
Willpower 4
Essence 4

Reaction (quick + int/2) 6
Rigging +2 reaction (lvl 1 rig)
Rigging pool (reaction + rigging pool) 8
Combat pool (quickness + int + willpower/2) 8

Vehicle/Ground/car 5 Drone 4 Get away 6
Stunts 6
Remote operations vehicle 3
Vehicle/Bike 4 Get away 6
Stunts 6
Vehicle/Aircraft 3 Fixed-rotor 4 Remote operations vehicle 3
Scrounge 1

B/R Ground Vehicles 4 Jury Rig 2
Drone 2
B/R Aircraft 2 Helicopter/Fixed Rotor 4
Drone 2
B/R Engine 4
B/R Electronics Vehicular 4
Drone 2

Stealth Urban Vehicle 3
Drone 3
Criminal Procedures Tactics Vehicular 6
Gunnery 3
Firearms Pistol HK Gun 1
Negotiation Seduction 2

Computer Tech Trade Decking 6
Know.Phys Sci Engineering 2 Electrical 6
Materials 2
Area Knowledge Seattle Yakuza 3
Gangs 3
Know.Comp Theory (R&D) SW Matrix Prog 3
Appraise Vehicle 4
Art Painting
Other Art
Vehicle Art/Decals 6
Ikebana (flowers) - learning
Music Electronic Dubstep 3
Fashion 2
Conspiracy Theory Dragons 4
Etiquette Organized Crime Yakuza 3
Street 2
Nationality Japanese 4

Decking Programs


Rating 5 - 1300n
Resilient deck, target number for IC successfully executing an attack.

Rating 5 - 1300
Avoid enemy IC and enemy commands.

Rating  3 - 300n
Blend in, helps to defeat trackers and tracers.

Rating 3 - 300n
Distance of detection in matrix.


Cartographer (p. 80)
Rating 4  - 800n
This program has the Mobility option built in, and once activated, it seeks out the CPU and asks it for a system map. Treat this exactly as a Trace program with regards to the time taken to retrieve the map.
Options: one-shot
Size: rating2 × 4 Mp = 64mp

Evaluate Program
Rating 4 - 800n
Execute test. How many valuable files in the datastore. Degrades over time, rating drops by 1 per 2 weeks.
Size (raxting x rating ) x 2mp = 32mp

Browse Program
Rating 3 - 300n
Analyzes contents of datastores, execute to run. Base time of 10 turns. Use the successes from execute to reduce the base time for running the program.
Size (rating x rating) mp = 9mp

Utility Battle

Cascade (p. 73)
Rating 5 - 1300n
This program functions like Attack, but instead of damaging the opposing decker, it erases 1D6 Mp from the opponent’s Active memory per extra success. If used against data in a Datastore, it erases 1D6 Mp of the attacked file per extra success; it cannot be used against IC. Options: area-effect, link, mobility, one-shot, penetration
Size: rating2 × 2 Mp = 50mp

Rating 3 - 300n
No test to run. Add rating to persona's Evade attribute, increasing diff to run programs against deck. Degrade bonus by 1 per turn of combat. Size (rating x rating ) x 3mp = 27mp

Rating 5 - 1300n
Execute test. Ten wounds crash any matrix construct. Size (rating x rating) x 2mp = 50mp

Rating 3 - 300n
Execute test. Slows down IC. Any successes reduce the initiate to zero.


Base: BMW Blitzen 2050 (racing bike)
Handling 3/4 - Speed 220 - Accel 14 - Body 2 - Armor 2 - Signature 1 - Autonav 2 - Pilot - Sensor 0 - Cargo 1 - Load 10

Seating: 2 bucket
Entry pts: 0
Fuel: Gasoline (35 liters)
Point Value 586
Economy: 7.6 km/liter
Base Cost: 29,000
Other Features: Turbocharging (factored in)
Rigger Additions (after market):
- rigger adaptation (2800 nY)
- Performance runflat tires 300 nY (runflat +200 ea)

Chassis: Crawler, Small (spaces 17, 8500nY)
Handling 4/4, Body 1, Armor 0, Autonav  n/a, Pilot 1, Sensor 1,  Breakdown 3 min
Locomotion: “Tracked” using spider legs (2 spaces, 500 nY), Fuel Electric motor 7PF (20 meters/PF< idle 25 hours/PF), Speed 20-25/Pace 3 (includes increased speed) – No penalty over rough terrain
Weapon: Standard Machine Gun (2 spaces, 500 nY) Range  24/48/96, Dmg 2d8, shots 100, AP2, 3RB
Rigger adapted
Remote control interface
Advanced Sensors – (space 2, 1000nY) Gives +2 to notice rolls includes Audio, Low-light, Thermo Imaging.
Jamming Suite – Level 2 – Each level provides a die type for jamming communications (including drone/rigger comms)  Max D12 (4 space, 100o nY)
ECCM – Level 2 (4 space, 100o nY) – Each level provides a die type for breaking through jamming.  Roll must beat Jamming Roll
Increased Speed – Increases pace by 2 (3 spaces, 1000 nY)
Final Cost: 13000nY

Porsche 918 Syder

Standard engine | handling 3/8 | Speed 210 (gas) | Accel 10 | Body 3 | Armor 0 | Sig 2 | Autonav 3 | pilot 0 | Sensor 1 | Cargo 1 | Load 45

Seating 2 bucket
Fuel gasoline (60 liters)

  • rigger adaptation
  • (remote control)
  • silver chrome paint, mirror finish
  • rebuilt engine


Renraku Busman (minibus)

Standard engine | handling 4/10 | Speed 105 (gas) | Accel 6 | Body 4 | Armor 0 | Sig 2 | Autonav 2 | pilot 0 | Sensor 0 | Cargo 4 | Load 10

Seating 2 front cabin, 10 bench
Fuel gasoline (60 liters)

  • rigger adaptation
  • (remote control)
  • in-progress: fender, engine overhaul, body work, replace all seating, paint, new work
  • unknown custom work

Scania VM 42 / GMC Bulldog Stepvan:

Street Sam

Custom Truck with a highly custom cab and lots of space. The owner had a very custom rig, noticeable by others. Working on a paint job in deep blue with a samurai sword.

Handling  4/3 Speed 100 Acceleration 7 Body 4 Armor 0 Signature 2 Auto 2 Pilot - Sensor 0 CF 12 Load 850

Seats 2+1b Access 2d Fuel Diesel, Tank 80L Economy 6km/l Chassis SUV, SI 1 Avail 2/48 h

  • Remote rigged for riggers
  • Custom cab
  • 2 Bench seats in the back
  • Removable cover on far back passenger and small rear cargo

Little Garden

Repair and build, the sign has a cheesy geisha painting on it. She will repair just about anything automotive and drone. Computers are not entirely her thing, but she can repair and install computers and electrical systems into cars, etc. She has a strong sense of duty, painfully so, that she follows to the letter. As such, she won't gouge! Everything she releases will be extreme quality. She offers reduced rates if you bring in a trade, and will often give free services for trade in vehicles and parts. If she is cheated by someone, they earn a black mark. She also designs and paints amazing looks on cars and bikes, including gang colors if they request them. To stay true to their designs, and keep everyone happy, she will be the ONLY person working on gang colors even if she brings in others. Long Term goal is to take over all of the chop shops, run out the bad ones, and solidify quality. If others wanna gouge, they will lose business. She hopes to become THE go to repair, builder, rigger in the barrens.

Shadowrun Goals


Family: In Deep with the Yakuza. Masaru could be an accidental birth or payment for her mother to get out of the Yakuza. She doesn't know and hasn't really cared. This will bite her in the ass.

Character Yakuza ties: They have given her small jobs, whether she knows it or not. Which means she is definitely on their radar. She's been to some of their parties and dinners, a few festivals, without wondering why. Just friends of her mom. She hasn't decided if she wants to get in deep with them yet.

Yakuza Uncle: She has a caring "uncle" Kakuji 'Seijo' Inagawa, who once was a boss in the Yakuza, now retired in his own way. Which means, he does his own jobs on the side and off the books. He has floated money and presents to Masaru, but hasn't "collected" on them yet.


Programming: While in Japan, she made her bones writing applications for riggers and deckers, pretty much anyone that needed something on the matrix. They were helpful, complex, and always interesting to her. After arriving to Seattle, she has continued this work but in a far more advanced way. She focuses on slave systems, better automation, gps signature masking, and kewl UIs.

RiggerWare: Masaru went under a few different aliases when first breaking out with her wares. She typically built rigs for other riggers, or wrote complex systems for their rigs to help with brain-tech interactions, stealthing of gps coords, and sensory displacement algorithms. Anything math fascinates her with tech, and the blurring of machine and mind is a thrill. Her aliases included Kite and Tenth. She now goes strictly by Iron Lotus, trying to show up her mother for being awesome.

Rigging: She wants to make a name for herself beyond fixing up shit for others. She wants to invent the next greatest tech, incredible slave rigs, and some rather inventive microtech. She learned a good deal about rigging while running with go gangs in Tokyo. Before heading to Tokyo, she finished getting her rigger cyberware added to her body and brain. In Seattle, she will begin serious rigging. And she's quite the natural.

Body Work: She can repair just about anything, but specializes in automotive, electrical systems, engines, and closed circuits. She also has a flair for the dramatic, which leads to automotive painting.

Performing Dubstep: Masaru is NOT a performer. But she does have a flavor for her dubstep as Catalyst Fu. She just spins tracks based on her mood or in reaction to shit around her. Her sound isn't liked by all, but she creates her own "personal soundtracks." She will blast this techno goop music in her vehicles, on headphones, and sometimes to annoy others.

Running Shadows: In truth, she is just starting out running them herself. This is her first real group.

Street Ice - Rent a Rigger: Protection and escape for shadowrunners literally on the run. If someone ends up in some serious trouble, they can contact Masaru through a specific matrix connection or number. She will show up and rigger run you outta whatever danger you are in. The long term goal is to create a gang or service for Street Ice that she runs.


Background Info

Age at game start: 19
Height/Weight: 5'3", skinny
Fav Color: Pink
Fav Food: sushi!
Fav Saying: "THIS...is happening."
Totally Hates: Housework, unwashed guys, "American food"
Totally Loves: Cute boys, fashion, anything with an engine, going to bands and dancing, crashing high society parties
Spazzes Over: Muscle cars, fast bikes, anything you drive or fly.
Appearance: She always looks younger than she is. She's cute, but not beautiful. She has long black brown hair, down past her waist, nearing her knees. Every night and morning, she brushes the lengths carefully. When working, it's in long pigtails. At parties, she keeps it loose to hide her rigging ports. Beyond the rigger ports, she has no other cyberware, fresh and clean! Lotus has two tattoos currently:
- Snake in the shake of eternity on her right arm. (first image)
- Gears with the last a metal lotus about the size of a fist below her rigging ports. (second image)

Personality: If you know anything about Japanese businessmen, that is a good estimation of Masaru. They work themselves to death, then party so hard they puke in technicolor. That's Masaru! She is a deeply polite and traditional Japanese girl for the changing times. She bows to her uncle and loves him dearly. She does not miss her mother, but accepts her sacrifices for her betterment. Whatever her uncle wishes of her, she answers beyond expectation. Crime is certainly not something she has embraced, being lily white compared to the Yakuza. Oft times, they think her a joke though they never tell her so. Law, order, legit business. But when work is done... BAM BAM BAM! She loves to party, cut loose, and drive. Behind the wheel, she is a speed demon, trash talker. On the matrix, she can be a terrible gossip girl, delving into all sorts of drama but over code, engines, fashion, and celebrities on trideo. She plays dubstep, wants to design her own biker jackets, and has a thing for hair accessories that rivals shoe collections.


Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Tier of Society - Japan: Middle to low. Masaru went to the best schools, good tutors, and has learned a good deal of proper Japanese culture and manners but only due to her her "uncle's" dime! She lives and breathes on the bank account provided by them. In Japan, she had creds to blow on fine clothes, getting in with the wrong crowd in the clubs. In America, she's dirt damn poor, using every cred on her gear. She does have a SIN and works hard to keep it clean with legit work.

Tier of Society - America: The slums of the Barrens. Moving to America was hard. She lived in a tiny place, but it was clean and beautiful. Now she is practically in a slum, living out of her garage. It makes her skin crawl. As long as she can indulge in shopping, drinking, and driving lovely cars fast on occasion, she will put up with anything. As a result, a gorgeous man with money could easily get her into bed and trouble.

Prejudices: She isn't a fan of stupid people. Masaru can deal with them, but she really can't stand them. Metahumans she is not a fan of, but doesn't go out of her way to destroy them or anything. Too violent.

Policlub: She isn't focused on or politically part of one. She spends all of her time on blogs, dev chats, and Shadowlands.


Meeting Masaru, you would find a painfully proper Japanese teen with a need to make a name for herself which ever way she can.

Masaru was born to a courtesan assassin of the Yakuza in Tokyo. Her mother Nisama fell into a hard life early. She drank, fought, and raced hard on drugs that fried brain cells and ended lives. Something along the way broke her loose from that life. She raised herself from being a speed junkie among the go biker gangs to become a keen minded murderer.

Seemingly from no where, Nisama appeared among the gangs, using tech for refined stealth and only blades for killing. She was known to leave her kills with lotus patterns carved in their flesh, above their hearts, without leaving a drop of blood in her leaving. Thus she earned the named Pale Lotus.

Her fame with a blade became known, bringing her into the graces of the Yakuza, perhaps through specific hands and intentions. Little is known of who cleaned her up and trained her in blades and death. It was during her liasons sleeping with the many bosses she became pregnant. The father of her one child is a complete mystery.

Masaru was born and entrusted to a nanny. Pale Lotus was not a mother figure, continuing her life among the Yakuza with a promise that her daughter would one day progress when deemed ready. She paid well to have her daughter trained in all manner of proper lessons alongside mathematics, engineering, electronics, and programming. By Masaru's teens, nothing electronic was safe and her cash supply increased selling specialized spy equipment with complex algorithms for constantly shifting gps signatures to hide a stationary unit transmitting a signal.

But everything changed just a year ago. Her favored uncle arrived upon her 17th birthday, gave her a nice purse for a young lady filled with nuyen. He told her to arrive at the airport for Seattle that evening, no reason given. Hauled from Tokyo, she was relocated to Seattle with enough to get her settled and some basic equipment into her hands. The first thing she purchased was a tattoo in metal of a lotus on her back, right below her rigger ports. It stands for her runner name of Iron Lotus. She began some petty heists to build out rigs, while offering painting services for vehicles and techno mixes for music.

To get up and running legit for the barrens, she took over a warehouse, converting it into a build and repair mechanics. On the matrix, she is known as a rigger for hire (rent a rigger).

As soon as she has enough tech in hand, she'll rebuild her drones and customize a vehicle for some intense situations. Some of her plans include aviation, but that's a new area for her. Her mother still lives, killing for those that bind her, covered in tattoos from breastbone to toes with a full suit for her kills. Masaru isn't sure she wants the same life, but has time...or so she thinks.

Recently the Yakuza have sought her for minor work, which means the initiation period may begin whether she wants it or not.

Skills: repair and build, driving (stunts, get aways, etc), electronics, concept car design, blueprints, rigger app programming
Talents: graphic and painting arts, cosmetic car pimping, music composition
Professions in order: Rigger drones/vehicle, programmer/decker, automobile pimp yo, chop shop queen, corner the market for

Future goals: aviation, morph tech (transforming equipment mixing aviation and ground units), mobile decking units to sell to deckers





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