• Tishina
  • The Silence, Ilyana, and Tishina, only she knows her true identity. Shadowrunners and corps have no idea who she is. A security master, it's probable she is hunted by those that burned her.

Shadowrunner Handle: Tishina  (The Silence)

Professional Cover: Ilyana

Real Name: Off the record

Specialty: Security systems, Electronic Measures and Countermeasures.

Languages: English, Tibetan, Russian, Sperethiel (elven), bits of Japanese

Race: Elf

Age: 20's

Tishina has no memory of her "company" parents. She began training for corporate espionage in Yamatetsu after she inexplicably accessed a high security area unnoticed at the age of four. By her late teens she was the up and coming go-to person within Yamatetsu Internal Affairs for teams that needed to crack security systems for entering rival corporations' physical facilities.

Things went south when an internal rival within Yamatetsu IA framed her as selling out a botched mission to a rival corp (Ares). Tishina had recognized this possibility, and used a cover identity to vanish just ahead of her own coworkers cracking down. Barely a step ahead of the conflict, she staged the company-cover's death in order to vanish from their attention. The security cracker resurfaced a few months in Seattle as "Ilyana" - security systems contractor. Thus far the cover has avoided being located by her former employer, but the threat absolutely remains that she might yet be found.

Appearance: 26 yrs old, 6', 145 lbs, dark brown eyes, black hair, very ordinary, when disguised can pass as human if not examined closely

Matrix Avatar: A female Zorro in the Matrix, complete with a smoky cloak.

Abilities - Skills


Body 3
Quickness 5 (4 + 1)
Strength 3
Charisma 5 (3 + 2)
Intelligence 6
Willpower 6
Essence --

Reaction (quick + int/2) 5
Combat pool (quickness + int + willpower/2) 8



Skill Concentration Specialty
Electronics Tech 7 Security Systems 6

Communications 2

Electronics B/R 1 Security 8

Communications 2

Computers Decking 8 Against Deckers (duelist) 3

Against IC 9

Computers Search Operations 6 -
Computer Theory R&D Software 6 IC Design 9
Evaluate-Appraise High Tech 6

People 8

Photography 2 Remote Sensing 2 -
Accounting Forensic 4 -
Etiquette Corporate 8

Street 4

Yamatetsu 3
Rumormill Corporate 8 Yamatetsu 3
Politics Corporate 2 Yamatetsu 2
Area Knowledge Corporate Yamatetsu 3
Stealth Urban 6 -
Negotiate Fasttalk 6 -
- Disguise 10 -
Impersonation 3 - -
Cosmetics 1 - -
Scrounge 2 - -
Impersonation 3 - -
Criminal Procedures 2 - -
Being Ignored 1 - -
Firearms Pistol 8

Rifle 2

Athletics Climbing

Free Climbing 6


Sprinting 6

Motorbike On Road 4 -
Interests Hobbies Gourmet Food 3

Sleight of Hand 6

Contacts - Equipment - Weapons


Thanh Ngo (tailor)

Kenoma (fixer)

Venessa Sanderson (doc)

Kejak Sandor, bookstore owner in downtown, burned out corp mage


Fuchi Cyber-4 (upgraded 6 MPCP, hardening 3, active mem 300, storage mem 1500, load 20, I/O 20; +2 matrix reaction, +1D6 to matrix initiative


Dataline Tap (lvl 6)

Data Codebreaker (lvl 6)



Voice IDer (lvl 6)

Bugscanner (lvl 6)

Dataline scanner (lvl 6)

Jammer (lvl 6)

White noise generator (lvl 6)

Data encryption system (lvl 6)

ID Scanner-Thumb (lvl 6)

2 ID scanners-Palm (lvl 6)

ID Scanner-Retinal (lvl 6)

Maglock (lvl 6)

Binoculars, magnification


Level 3 Fake SIN

Sony Nav-Dat GPS

Sonar Scanner

Electronics kit

Electronics shop

Wrist phone

Pocket secretary

Desktop computer (200 MP)

Yamaha Rapier


Armor lined coat

Armor vest

Clothes, street

Clothes, fine

Clothes, tres chic

Clothes, designer (Than Ngo)

Weapons? Vehicles? Stoof? Reps?



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