Lost Packages

The fist landed after the backhand, leaving welts upon flesh made as teeth cut into lips. A perfect reflection of a sparkling white smile ruined over the loss of a package. Susan watched on with a startling smooth expression.

“This gentleman was supposed to deliver the package days ago, Susan. Days. Not an hour or a few minutes. And yet I still find myself bereft of my expected arrival.” Perfect articulation from pale lips, a jaw sharp enough to cut glass. He might be her dominator, keeping her enthralled upon his blood, but Susan knew he answered to another.

She didn’t fear her master. She feared his.

“Mr. Thompson, I’m afraid so. I’ve tried to determine what happened to the package through the main office, but they…were unable to provide answers.” The package was set to arrive two days before, in the morning. Insurance on the property claim drove the FedEx delivery man before the graces of the office. The amount of money due for losing the package demanded his reporting it not only to the home office, but the company receiving the check. He had not left this room since.

The deputy turned driving down his foot, Thom Browne loafers crashing upon bone till it bent and cracked. A shaft white splattered in blood carved through so much flesh. The screams were nothing in comparison to the anger in Neil’s throbbing temples. Frenzy sharpened his senses, the sense of duty, the impending arrival of elders a living breathing thing threatening at the door. Time flew too fast.

His damned ghoul had failed him, but could not be bothered with pain upon herself. Any damage would require his healing draught of blood, leaving him hungry and angry. Better she squirm with the knowledge this man would die and lie on her conscience.

Gripping the throat of the mewling retch, Neil drove deeply into his head, sifting through memories with dominance. The delivery boy was nothing more than that, but torture made him feel better.

His cell rang, a growled command answered it. “I found something. Come to my office.”

Susan noticed something she had not before. Mr. Thompson feared the sheriff too.