Keye News with Megan Goodhead

Good evening, I am Meagan Goodhead. Today, we enter Day 24 of the Blood Red Christmas massacre. The death toll rises as rescue units continue digging out the quarry of Garza Strip Mining. A shocking number of seniors have been uncovered in the graduating class 2017. Further numbers and attacks show the killing didn’t stop there. Heather Harris brings you this story.

*LIVE in a neighborhood blocked off by military units* Thank you Meagan. As you can see, military units have corded off a neighborhood down Dallas street within miles of the high school. A number of houses have received threats by phone and on their doorsteps. These families immediately contacted local authorities. In searching their houses, investigators found a number of hi tech devices for video and audio. Who has been spying, and why? The FBI have taken over the investigation. We believe they are tracking down these devices and the perpetrators. Are these spying devices connected to the massacre? Who planted them, and where did they get them from? When reached for comment, we were told a press conference would be held Monday evening.

Thank you, Heather. But these issues are not the first line of deaths and attacks in our city. A number of arsons have been committed including the Frost Tower, the Trail of Lights, and a number of brownstones and homes throughout Central Austin. During this time, we ask everyone to abide by the military restrictions, follow curfews, and stay safe.

Law enforcement stress this is not a time for vigilantes, and open carry licenses will be requested if you are seen carrying. Some private businesses may also require frisking before entering.

The city is under Martial Law! FBI are in the city. Corporal Hicks
An investigative reporter is checking into a possible serial killer focusing on 2222, women 18 – 25 / assailant 30ish, emt medical experience. Reporter is Mark Michaels.