KEYE News with Melissa Gomez

Good evening, Austin, I’m Melissa Gomez, Megan Goodhead has taken a much needed vacation. We wish her and her family the best of times out of state. In tonight’s headlines, we continue our coverage of historic violence consuming our city.

*she stares into the camera, never blinking, the smile disappearing*

Some news agencies have taken a kinder approach, sensationalizing the horrors committed by elements ravaging a city we love for it’s open, friendly atmosphere, different and accepting of all peoples and cultures. Here at K-Eye, we have taken steps to ensure thorough reporting provided the latest and best information to keep you advised and safe. As I take this journalist’s desk, I come with a refreshed sense of purpose and honest reporting.

*her co-anchor seems transfixed, not speaking, as she continues staring, piercing through the lens which zooms in so slowly on her determined face*

Elements ranging from gangs to cowboy vigilantes, power suit businessmen, crooked law enforcement, and corporations have taken our streets, businesses, and through our reporting your homes. No longer. It is time we take this war into our own hands. As militia units form within gated communities, frightened fathers and sons purchase what firearms they can from the backs of Cadillacs, conspiracy theorists plague social media with crackpot ideas far more truth than fiction, and the government rallies military force to wall us within our own homes, we come to realize there are truly monsters around us. We will no longer sit by, silent in our fear. Guard yourselves, learn the truth of your city, and reclaim what we love most.

As to top headlines…

*everything seems to lighten, co-anchor clearing his throat and smiling*

US Reserves have joined the already posted Military units throughout Austin. They have taken to protecting members of the Salvation Army, going door to door providing first aid, food, and clothing assistance to those unable to seek shelter. If you are in need of a place to sleep and get medical attention, please seek the high school in the list displayed on your screen. Cots and emergency staff are on hand to help.

The chairman and offices of the chancellor for the University of Texas, Concordia, St Edwards, and other hallmarks of higher learning in the greater Austin area have closed their halls. The Spring semester is on hold until further notice. Students have been directed home, escorted out of the city and to the airport with paid transportation by the universities. Thousands of students and professional staff are now on sabbatical. This increases their safety and reduces the amount of targets in many populated areas.

Likewise all Austin schools will remain on break until further notice. Teachers are welcome to aid in emergency efforts.

*News continues with lists of businesses closing, reduced hours for many businesses, the city is starting to close earlier. Hunting difficulty increased by +2 dif*