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One more time, Sam…

Welcome to the Storyteller Journal for Vampire: Desperado Blues.

These are stories, posts on forums and sites, Shreknet (nosferatu only), etc of what is happening in Austin with NPCs. These stories will be direct things that happen due to YOUR ACTIONS! And they can add interest to what sires, allies, contacts, and enemies are doing. ENJOY!

Do you know this info? I’ll let you know. Or ask! Can you learn it, yes.

List of resources:

  • Hoppin Toddies – Blog spot for Camarilla Kindred. Run by a Toreador neonate.
  • Shreknet – Nosferatu ONLY! It takes serious hack skills or an invite to use Shreknet.
  • News/Austin Chron – Posts you CAN know from local new reporters.