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KEYE News with Melissa Gomez

Good evening, Austin, I’m Melissa Gomez, Megan Goodhead has taken a much needed vacation. We wish her and her family the best of times out of state. In tonight’s headlines, we continue our coverage of historic violence consuming our city.

*she stares into the camera, never blinking, the smile disappearing*

Some news agencies have taken a kinder approach, sensationalizing the horrors committed by elements ravaging a city we love for it’s open, friendly atmosphere, different and accepting of all peoples and cultures. Here at K-Eye, we have taken steps to ensure thorough reporting provided the latest and best information to keep you advised and safe. As I take this journalist’s desk, I come with a refreshed sense of purpose and honest reporting.

*her co-anchor seems transfixed, not speaking, as she continues staring, piercing through the lens which zooms in so slowly on her determined face*

Elements ranging from gangs to cowboy vigilantes, power suit businessmen, crooked law enforcement, and corporations have taken our streets, businesses, and through our reporting your homes. No longer. It is time we take this war into our own hands. As militia units form within gated communities, frightened fathers and sons purchase what firearms they can from the backs of Cadillacs, conspiracy theorists plague social media with crackpot ideas far more truth than fiction, and the government rallies military force to wall us within our own homes, we come to realize there are truly monsters around us. We will no longer sit by, silent in our fear. Guard yourselves, learn the truth of your city, and reclaim what we love most.

As to top headlines…

*everything seems to lighten, co-anchor clearing his throat and smiling*

US Reserves have joined the already posted Military units throughout Austin. They have taken to protecting members of the Salvation Army, going door to door providing first aid, food, and clothing assistance to those unable to seek shelter. If you are in need of a place to sleep and get medical attention, please seek the high school in the list displayed on your screen. Cots and emergency staff are on hand to help.

The chairman and offices of the chancellor for the University of Texas, Concordia, St Edwards, and other hallmarks of higher learning in the greater Austin area have closed their halls. The Spring semester is on hold until further notice. Students have been directed home, escorted out of the city and to the airport with paid transportation by the universities. Thousands of students and professional staff are now on sabbatical. This increases their safety and reduces the amount of targets in many populated areas.

Likewise all Austin schools will remain on break until further notice. Teachers are welcome to aid in emergency efforts.

*News continues with lists of businesses closing, reduced hours for many businesses, the city is starting to close earlier. Hunting difficulty increased by +2 dif*

Keye News with Megan Goodhead

Good evening, I am Meagan Goodhead. Today, we enter Day 24 of the Blood Red Christmas massacre. The death toll rises as rescue units continue digging out the quarry of Garza Strip Mining. A shocking number of seniors have been uncovered in the graduating class 2017. Further numbers and attacks show the killing didn’t stop there. Heather Harris brings you this story.

*LIVE in a neighborhood blocked off by military units* Thank you Meagan. As you can see, military units have corded off a neighborhood down Dallas street within miles of the high school. A number of houses have received threats by phone and on their doorsteps. These families immediately contacted local authorities. In searching their houses, investigators found a number of hi tech devices for video and audio. Who has been spying, and why? The FBI have taken over the investigation. We believe they are tracking down these devices and the perpetrators. Are these spying devices connected to the massacre? Who planted them, and where did they get them from? When reached for comment, we were told a press conference would be held Monday evening.

Thank you, Heather. But these issues are not the first line of deaths and attacks in our city. A number of arsons have been committed including the Frost Tower, the Trail of Lights, and a number of brownstones and homes throughout Central Austin. During this time, we ask everyone to abide by the military restrictions, follow curfews, and stay safe.

Law enforcement stress this is not a time for vigilantes, and open carry licenses will be requested if you are seen carrying. Some private businesses may also require frisking before entering.

The city is under Martial Law! FBI are in the city. Corporal Hicks
An investigative reporter is checking into a possible serial killer focusing on 2222, women 18 – 25 / assailant 30ish, emt medical experience. Reporter is Mark Michaels.

Where we are…is fucked?

Victor rubbed his temple, a bottle of blood near at hand, the neck broken into shards. Bloody prints marred his pale flesh, sticky wet, a single dribble making its way down his cheek. Across from him sat the twitching leader of the selfies, shards of bottle being picked out of head by his priest. Every few minutes, he felt an indescribable need to STAB HIM THROUGH. THOROUGHLY. By Fuck.

“Ok Skittle. Let’s go over this again.”

“I don’t wanna. You’re just gonna get flinging that shit into me!” Glass flung and sunk into a new hole as Padre dabbed a fistful of paper towels at other wounds. “CHRIST EATIN BISCUITS! Victory, please man. Ya gotta stop! Ok ok…one more time.”

“And don’t leave a damn thing out. You don’t think I’ll find out? Want another late night date with Butch?”

“Fuuuuck nooooo. Ok so like the last few years, we’ve been bored. Me and the guys, we had a plan. Steal shit and sell it.”

Padre looked over a fine pair of horn rimmed spectacles, charming in his current facade as Shakespeare with a braided goatee. “Well sell it like those elephant christmas gifts people give. We never really knew what was inside, just stole it, gave the sender and receiver and took bids.”

Skittles grinned, more glass falling from his nose into his lap getting congealed blood over his favorite rainbow belt. “Yep! We do love the gift giving season, so why not do it year round? It went great.”

“Swimmingly old chap.”

“Until we got a PRIZE. This massive heavy as fuck box. Now, the info made us think, this had class, style… what ya call it?”


“So we started the biddin pretty high. The only one we knew with the bucks squirreled away for this, we expected to land…didn’t happen. Seems the Deac’s been holdin out on us.”

“He means Deacon.”

Victor raised a shard, sending Skittles into speaking so quickly he nearly tied his tongue in knots.

“So we sold it to Deacon, he opened it right there, and found the biggest chest I ever did see! This thing musta cost a few thousand to ship, not ta mention the insurance. Our numbers were spot on!”

Padre pushed his intrepid leader back, giving a beatific look of his holiness as he spread wide his arms. “Oh yes, a fine hand carved piece of history with marks unlike anything I have spied in antique records or pamphlets at a grand antique auctioneer. By all accounts, this seemed something a Fed Ex truck should never have. Which only encouraged the interest.”

“That sure is right. I had to drag his bitch ass outta tha sewer. Deacon and the others were pretty interested, decided to research it last we heard. But we don’t spend much time down in those parts, since we’re business men. Honest we had no idea what shit was goin down in the sewers! Vic…” A shard raised. “Uh Victor, sir, your eminence, we never thought it was something bad.”

Victor leaned back into his chair, the rich velvet, thick padding, the lighting so perfectly set up by a professional to reenact the Godfather every time he settled so…it was one of his faint joys in life. Shadows laid under his nose, chin, in the hollows of eyes. With just a touch of power, the entire room darkened in menace down to just the pale light above him. Hands raised up to lace, elbows on the chair arms. “Too bad, gentlemen. Seems regardless of your intent, you brought about the destruction of your clan. But, I do love you guys. So, let’s make a deal, and I’ll ensure this is covered up. Nice, clean, and none the wiser.”

The two Nosferatu cringed at what they may owe, yet felt such relief knowing Victor was always good as his word. He might be a few noddles shy of a bowl of pasta, but always true. “Sure. What do you want?”