I’m ready, Mr Record Label

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Melanie had long since lost any innocence of what must happen to succeed. On her knees for that passing grade when the final bombed. Behind the lumber yard to earn a meager raise at the Lowe’s. Certainly an evening with the gentleman in his suit, his friend, and the promise of a record deal would be different.

How true this thought was.

“Name, dearie.” She tried vainly to speak, a quirk of sound, a rasp. Not even a half-hearted cough could bring a single note from her throat. Whatever unnatural thing had happened, it could not have been nerves as the doctor said. But why did he say he was a doctor…

The crone of a woman peered down her throat, painfully. With a curt shake of head, she sent “Candy” to a trailer for delousing. As if she had lice! She bathed!

Waiting her turn in a line of junkies, the red head could only shiver, strange anticipation, odd memories. So many flashes as she arched against his chest, every muscle afire as he drew life from the marks on her throat. Memories sang in her, of Mark and his friends, that first night becoming a woman. And yet…behind it all…

She found herself staring out the window, catching a startling look of piercing blue eyes, nearly white around the iris, peering back. A sudden quiet gasp, a few blinks, but the face seemed her own. And yet, it was not.

Where had she seen that face? A rush of hands clasping a jaw, square and far from perfect. Those eyes unlimited in the ropes of white, like a strange layering of dreamcatchers about a sinister onyx gem. Yes, drink child, take me into your veins, learn from my hands… 

Melanie moaned without sound, knees rubbing together, as she recalled a clarity of vision the record label doctor gave to her, so like her own visions to him. “So …real…” she mouthed to no one.

(Candy, snacked on from Spotlight by Janus and Luca. Location: Sabbat Blood Dolls)

Austin Night Lyfe


Gallery of Women Austin welcomes the macabre works of Anel Roberts. Her show will be running from April to June 2015. All works are available for purchase. An opening night welcome will be held May 1st.  



Elysium nightclub welcomes the lovely ladies of Electric Nerve for a night of French Fetish. Shows on Friday through Sunday nights.




Book People welcomes Alton Brown in May 2015 for open book signings! Watch the Good Eats show marathon through the day as this iron chef guru talks food and signs your books. In honor, we are holding our first Queso Cook Off!


State of the Union

Shrecknet > Austin > State of the Union

Poster: Niles
Title: When is the boot going to drop?

Maxmilian proclaims, “Offensive in the near future, be prepared and vigilant.” Seems the same damn message, every week, from this military genius. The last sorties were quick, painless, and proved a point. Few incidents have continued since. He moved along construction at Ben White towards the airport, entering the edges southwest of the Sabbat zone. The Sabbat encountered losses, sent for packs and built up numbers hitting a few drug flop houses and apartments.

I’d say Victor is gearing up for retaliation. Beyond that, information is sketchy. Things down here are still questionable and hot. We could use some help, but entering the city right now will gain too much heat and lead people to our warrens.

 Tackful: Ass bleeder – the fuck – we care what the drek says? Every1 knows he isn’t the pwr in this place. Dorn. Watch that shadey fuck nugget. I bet ol’ Brigs bit it from her scheming shit.

 URHere: yeah, super sad that Brigs may have bit it. literal like. last seen around skid 29C, then that blackout hit.

 Tackful: Blackout my skeevy ass. Something srs going on. And not talking your love life, ass munch.

 BrigsSecurity: My dear Tackful, there’s no need for the flippancy. I am not dead, regardless of your considerable hopes and dreams of it. Love and stakes, Brigs.

URHere: Oh shi– BRIGS! We thought you were dog shit fo’ sho’. war ya been? we need to get back on that network problem. half the skids are flat out gone!

 Niles: Why can’t we ever stick to the subject of these forum posts?!

Hoppin Toddy Day

hopsterHoppin ToddiesYour Kindred Connection.

Hey there, sports fans. Hopster here with the latest on our fair country of Austin.

The bunnies are definitely hopping to some funky time beats. Rain plays host to the sweet sounds of Trapeze Jane, that sexy burlesque DJ of recent SXSW fame. Anyone who’s someone will be there. Expect a free sharing of the social buzz.

Before the weather turns deep fry, Jake is holding a live BBQ event out at the Wild Basin preserve. Sign up for the events at 512-448-9876. Times and dates will be provided to those that attend. All funds paid go to local charities and Jake’s stores. Remember, kiddos, the Do Not Fuck With rules apply to this event. No matter the color of your blood or faction of your brood.

Have questions, post em sweeties.

Threat Level – Yellow Latest counts show a fine line on both sides Cam and Sabbat. The warzone is still in effect down central I35, north to south. The Sheriff has an open call for information leading to the battle and final end of any infiltrators on Camarilla domains. See red, they are dead.

One more time, Sam…

Welcome to the Storyteller Journal for Vampire: Desperado Blues.

These are stories, posts on forums and sites, Shreknet (nosferatu only), etc of what is happening in Austin with NPCs. These stories will be direct things that happen due to YOUR ACTIONS! And they can add interest to what sires, allies, contacts, and enemies are doing. ENJOY!

Do you know this info? I’ll let you know. Or ask! Can you learn it, yes.

List of resources:

  • Hoppin Toddies – Blog spot for Camarilla Kindred. Run by a Toreador neonate.
  • Shreknet – Nosferatu ONLY! It takes serious hack skills or an invite to use Shreknet.
  • News/Austin Chron – Posts you CAN know from local new reporters.