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State of the Union

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Poster: Niles
Title: When is the boot going to drop?

Maxmilian proclaims, “Offensive in the near future, be prepared and vigilant.” Seems the same damn message, every week, from this military genius. The last sorties were quick, painless, and proved a point. Few incidents have continued since. He moved along construction at Ben White towards the airport, entering the edges southwest of the Sabbat zone. The Sabbat encountered losses, sent for packs and built up numbers hitting a few drug flop houses and apartments.

I’d say Victor is gearing up for retaliation. Beyond that, information is sketchy. Things down here are still questionable and hot. We could use some help, but entering the city right now will gain too much heat and lead people to our warrens.

 Tackful: Ass bleeder – the fuck – we care what the drek says? Every1 knows he isn’t the pwr in this place. Dorn. Watch that shadey fuck nugget. I bet ol’ Brigs bit it from her scheming shit.

 URHere: yeah, super sad that Brigs may have bit it. literal like. last seen around skid 29C, then that blackout hit.

 Tackful: Blackout my skeevy ass. Something srs going on. And not talking your love life, ass munch.

 BrigsSecurity: My dear Tackful, there’s no need for the flippancy. I am not dead, regardless of your considerable hopes and dreams of it. Love and stakes, Brigs.

URHere: Oh shi– BRIGS! We thought you were dog shit fo’ sho’. war ya been? we need to get back on that network problem. half the skids are flat out gone!

 Niles: Why can’t we ever stick to the subject of these forum posts?!