Rain Deathflyer

No Moon (mystic), elder
Home: Chanta, Halta
Allied with Silver Python
Affliations: Wardens of Gaia

In mere days before the Usurpation (killing of all solars and lunars), a young man exalted in the light of Luna. Apprentice to a solar twilight, he stayed with his master unto his death. The Wyld Hunt, free in numbers and carried by the fanaticism of many successes fell upon the elderly solar and his apprentice. The man fought until burnt to cinders by a cabal of dragonblooded and their army. And then they laid into the apprentice. Blinding one eye, laying acids and destructive magics into his flesh. They tortured him before the dead eyes of his master. In that moment, Luna appeared and exalted him.

What life he had is not as important as the fight to live during those years. He was caught in the wars of the Dragon Blooded during the Usurpation. He was marred, hurt, burnt with magics, fighting to escape from the clutches of the Wyld Hunt. Another Lunar recognized the hawk as a lunar, just exalted, not in his right mind. Fleeing for his own life, Silver Python took the fledgling with her into the deepest wyld of the east, where trees moved, sang, and changed without need of seasons.

It was here during these years Rain Deathflyer became a No Moon, learning mystical arts under his savior become friend and lover. Together, they have sought to understand the mysteries of the life they experienced in the east. They witnessed and received some of the first moonsilver markings.

Unlike other lunars, these two are oddities in that they embrace civilization. For reasons only they know, they have taken up residence among the Chauntans, protecting the city, and minging their offspring (hawkmen and snakemen) with them. Lunars and humans live in harmony in this place, far different than others. They revere their lunar keepers.

Rain never leaves deadly beastman. If he ever did, the glory of his Lunar self would seem so painful compared to the ruin of his human self. Stunted, blinded, maimed. If left to his own devices, Rain can be morose and reflective. Yet by Silver, he is a man with a deeply turning past, with an abiding love for those around him.

He fears the dead and ghosts, more than anything else in this world. Being bound also terrifies him, leaves him manic beyond reason. Demons are something to be respected and hated, something he is terrible at entirely.

Silver Python

No Moon (mystic), elder
Home: Chanta, Halta
Allied with Rain Deathflyer
Affliations: Wardens of Gaia

In the first days of the Usurpation, Silver Python was becoming a learned elder. She was young in mind, ambitious, filled with ideas, and ready to seek them on her own. With the call to leave the realm and seek the wyld, Silver Python seemed to find comfort in this as some grand experiment.

In escaping, she found Rain Deathflyer, still in his first change. Intrigued, she kept him close, and taught him as a mentor. Soon they became friends, and kindred in their designs and desires for knowledge. Together they built Chanta, founded new races of godmen, created a civilization, and even laid the treaties with the fair folk to protect the very people that once tried to kill them.

Silver Python shifts often, sometimes while standing before you. She enjoys taking the forms of men and women, beasts on occasion, and seems to enjoy procreation. It is more science than passion. She is an enigma wrapped in a conundrum touched with a smile and a wink. She loves all men and women around her, this geneticist in the wyld.

A secret somewhat kept, she is also a seer. Lilith believes she inherited the gift from Brigette, the greatest of Solar Twilights.


No Moon (mystic), elder
Home: unknown
Allied with Theon

It is a testament to the versatility of Lunar Exaltation that a Waning Moon, whose caste was associated with stealth and misdirection, became one of the deadliest hand-to-hand combatants Creation has ever seen. Lilith is a peerless spy and infiltrator as befits a Changing Moon. but she also remains one of Creation's greatest non-Sidereal martial artists. Lunars who hear her tale are surprised, then, that this deadly combatant meekly accepted abuse and near-torture at the hands of her own husband. When they met, Desus of the Eclipse Caste was a witty gallant who matched her trick for trick. Centuries later, he became a crazed sadist armed with mind-bending charms.

In the First Age, Lilith supported the Sun King Seneschals. Her fellow travelers in that faction saw her loyalty to her mate as merely an acceptance of the natural order of things. If any Seneschals ever noticed that Lilith bore more wounds from relaxing with her mate than she ever did after battles, no one ever found it socially proper to mention it. And so, Lilith suffered for centuries, cursed with undeniable passion and implacable hatred or the same man. When the Usurpation came and Lilith saw her mate die before her eyes, her response was an earthshattering howl that somehow combined unutterable grief and indescribable joy. Then, she fled into the Wyld and gave herself to the beast within her, becoming an animal in body and mind.

Only the merest luck saved Lilith from becoming a chimera. Old allies among the No Moons, loathe to put down such a peerless warrior, captured her and worked to restore her mind, even as they forced the tattoos upon her. No trials were necessary for Lilith, whose renown was already legendary. Wen they finished their work, the No Moons released Lilith to her fate. She fled further into the Wyld, sparing a look to her saviors that could have been either gratitude or contempt.

In the centuries since, Lilith moved into and out of Creation at whim. Her skills at stealth remain unsurpassed, no Wyld Hunt ever interfered with her passage through Creation. Unfortunately, her forays did not good for other Lunars. Only with the return of the Solars has Lilith snapped from her centuries long reverie. Rumors spread among the Lunars of the Northeast - Lilith is on the move, the Owl Woman has met the Mammoth Avatar, Golden-Eyed Jorst was torn asunder by a moonsilver clad warrior of ancient power.

Thus far, Lilith has not deigned to meet her fellow Lunars, least of all any members of the Sun King Seneschals. While the Seneschals themselves still claim her as a member, the leaders of this faction wonder exactly what Lilith shall for about the returning Solars. For yet another rumor that Lilith spent months pursuing the heir to her former mate's Exaltation, and none can say what Lilith will do when they meet.

In the second age, she has resurfaced, hearing the return of the Solars. And her entire world is bent upon revenge. No one will control her destiny. But her time with Theon have changed some thinking on that.


Changing Moon, elder
Home: Lair of Ma-Ha-Suchi

The Wolf of Red Roses is infamous as the terror of bedchambers across the Blessed Isle. The Solar Temen Ambereyes issued public chastisements of his platonic Lunar mate while privately encouraging Ma-Ha-Suchi's recreation. Despite the rare negative feeling the Wolf's habit engenders (and the Dreagon-Blooded assassins that often accompany such feelings), it is sharp and versatile political weapon for Ambereyes - and it delays the day that the Ma-Ha-Suchi seeks entrance into Ambereyes' bed.

Ma-Ha-Suchi is indiscriminate in partners, apart from his ambition to sleep with every Celestial Exalt, though few mortals intrigue him enough to attract his lust. He sleeps with few people more than once, and his only recurrent lover is Odovacar of Rust, husband-wife to a neighboring Lawgiver on the Blessed Isle. Odovacar's mate is jealous and unforgiving of affairs tat reach beyond that of convenience, so their trysts remain secret lest Odovacar, Ma-Ha-Suchi, and Ambereyes suffer large personal and political consequences.

Some people consider Ma-Ha-Suchi an irredeemable rascal, others an enemy, but none deny him admission into their principalities or their homes. He is too charming a guest and too pleasant a companion. He is not the oldest, most powerful or most socially convincing of the Exalted, but he uses that to his advantage. When Ma-Ha-Suchi cannot overwhelm potential hosts with his personality, he disarms them with his youth. Only the Sideral Hadeon avoids the Wolf with the Red Roses without respite. Ma-Ha-Suchi is confident that they will meet, because he prowls Meru and the Blessed Isles for the very reason that all Celestial Exalted come there eventually.

The Lunar has estates in the Threshold, some personal, some shared with Ambereyes and one for secret meetings with Odovacar. He rarely visits them. Everything in the world if in Meru, so why would he spend his time in barbarism? Ma-Ha-Suchi feels the same way about the dominion he and Abereyes administer on the Isle. While Ambereyes enjoys the arenas of political and economic combat. Ma-Ha-Suchi leaves the busywork to his Terrestrial (dragon blooded) exalted and aids his bonded mate as an afterthought. I AM conveys no messages left for him regarding his duties in the prefecture, by longstanding command. This would cause trouble, but I AM intelligently selects messages to share messages to share based on content and originator and has never been chastised by Ma-Ha-Suchi on the matter.


No Moon, elder
Home: City of a Thousand Golden Delights or Mahalanka
Keeper of the Book of Three Circles

Raksi is a No Moon Caste Lunar sorcerer who exalted just before the Usurpation. After the fall of the Solars, she fled deep into the Wyld, all who know her know she went too deep. At first glance she seems to be a normal, beautiful, nubile girl (until you notice her fingers curl backwards from time to time). The wyld's strongest impact was on her mind. Her tables grace with live babies for dinner, lovers have a shortened lifespan, and her lands are filled with beastman children of baboons.

She was also once lover to the Last Hunter of Xaal, but their relationship strained to the point of frightening the spider lunar into a paranoid mental break. He is one of the few to escape before dying.

Today, she makes her home in Mahalanka, which she renamed from Sperimin. Her hobbies include breeding ape men to worship her, searching for the Mantle of Brigid (an artifact she believes would let her access Solar Circle sorcery), and working to break through the final of the Book of Three Circles.



Solar, Eclipse, Prince of the West

Jakou earned one title alone in the First Age: Prince of the West. In truth, he was just that. The seas sang in his blood, those of water and sky. Despite his one sole desire to adventure, his mind is that of a keen tactician. When pressed to it, he can wheel and deal better than most. The problem...he doesn't want to.

After gaining a foothold in the west, settling all of the terrors that threatened in the deep, the Admiral earned a Kingship...that he never wanted. Stealing one of the grand flying ships, the Wandering Maiden, he left the continued rule of those islands and waters to other solars, and lunars, including Leviathan. And where did he go? Seeking adventure! No expectations, no wagging fingers. The pirate attacked everyone and anyone, aiding people from the horrors of the fae and demons while thieving from the rich solars.

So it was during his travels he learned of Mahasuchi, and other such playboys. Finally...someone to truly set his skills against! What better war than that of love, eh? So it was a woman stole his ship, leaving him stranded in Sal'maneth. Wow, did he fail. Utterly.

As the city was attacked, he seemed the best choice for saving. So he stole a safe spot from someone else. The circle found and woke him centuries later, aiding the pirate to simply continue where he left off. He has shown an incredible spirit as their greatest friend and compatriot in misadventures. Despite his constant wanderings, when set on a task, Jakaou's will is as strong as orichalcum.



Maiden of Secrets, Yu'Shan

He goes by many names, many guises. In the world of exalts, he has been known since the coming of the first age. An adviser to generals. A tactician for kings. A comrade in arms. He has never deigned to take a simple face, or at least, no one recalls when he has.

His history entwines with that of the eldest, Chejop. Many requests and deeds were issued by the maiden's favored, all of which Demetrius completed in his own special way. Every mess and every request had a flawless conclusion, and a slight advantage given to himself.

Despite the power he held, he wanted one thing. A simple thing. A life his own, no longer bound to absolute secrecy or watched by the gods above. In these missions he took steps, and now the end of his life nears. And with it the grand design of his plans.

The circle has been plagued by his machinations, finding themselves caught up owing him like so many others. They have learned much of his past, his love of Aysel, the killing and gathering of Solar souls, and binding so many lives to torturous designs. He has offered them freedom of his hold over them and their closest friends. The cost? Escort him into the underworld to a specific location for the final transformation.


Vile Whisper

Daybreak, Mask of Winters

The beginings of Vile were painfully simple. A young man with the mind of a broken child, Michael was considered a simpleton. Something about his mind would never age to adulthood, and could not concieve of adult things. His mother was a drug addict, father a butcher. He wanted to earn a place by his father, so he cooked his mother into the finest pie he ever ate. And his father was impressed, though he had no notion he ate his wife. While getting rid of the bones, he was knocked into the waters with a head wound from a crate smacking his head at the docks. Rats ate at the bleeding man, as the Mask of Winters made a deal with him.

The rats consumed his flesh, destroyed his throat which took years to heal. Infernal magic from the neverborn awoke his flesh and tragically gave him the intelligence he never could have had! Vile realized the demented actions of his parents, leading him to massacre his father before seeking the Mask of Winters. There he flourished under a new master, with a new circle of destructive children.

Taking up the orders of his Death Lord, Vile sought out the circle. He intended to kill them. Instead, he found a family he never expected to find. Archimedes has become his dearest friend, lover in a way. At some point, this may become an issue.

Aysel - Shorn Heart

Midnight, Mask of Winters

Aysel lived during the First Age as an Ecplise Solar. A rather homely woman, she fell in love with the Dawn caste (Gaius) in her circle, but he left to marry for power. In turn, the circle broke apart for the wars with the Raksha and eventually other Solars. She joined the city of Whitewall to investigate the Raksha of the North and provide assistance as the warfronts shifted and changed. During her stay in Whitewall, she met and worked alongside Demetrius learning far more of politics than she expected. In him, she found a dear friend. And he fell for her. During their tenure, she happened on him as he killed and captured the soul of a Solar. He then turned an attack on her.

Her soul existed within the Jade prison, until the neverborn and demons broke it open on word of Demetrius. The Mask of Winters received her soul shard, darkening it and gifting it to a serial killer named Diane. When placed, the memories and soul of Aysel wiped away Diane. The Mask used this returned Solar as an Abyssak to worm her way into the circle.

Demetrius hopes to regain her from the circle when his journey completes. And she is attempting to warn the circle of the depths of Demetrius' trickery and depravity.



Bard of the Realm, The Once King

What the world knows of Sinclair is the tale of a bard wandering to learn of humanity. His mind is filled with song and poetic verse, from ballads to dirges. The life of ordinary men far more attracts his interest than that of the Exalted. Perhaps for good reason! For thousands of years, since his coming of being, Sinclair has wandered the world, singing songs and telling tales. Many peoples have legends of the strange never-aging bard. None have tales of love or children of his, any death, or where he originated. The closest truths are held by the Firewarder district of Nexus and a few elder ghosts in Sijan.

The circle has learned this seemingly simple man is not mortal but Raksha in one of the cleverest shaped disguises of all time. He parted ways from the deep wyld, where exactly remains a mystery. He took up the Sword of the King, revealing his true nature to his friends. This event led to a great transformation, bringing the bard to their saving when seeking the lost goddess Luna. Thereafter, they came to respect and welcome the bard fully as a member of their group, and Keth embraced him as a lover.