Bookshop - Alea Iacta Est

Nexus, central
Owned by Theon
Ohillip and Mellena, bookkeepers and curators

Specializes in rare, ancient texts, restoration, and open trade between houses. The bookstore has a history of books and services available to anyone with enough jade.

Phillip is working on his guild affiliation and applications to become a formal supporter of the guild. This would help in so many respects for the shop and his own self-worth. He is always planning towards the future...and trying to have a son. He is surrounded by an army of daughters!

Don't let the huge family of six daughters and a business fool you! Mellena is top notch in investigating documents, journals, and scurrying out any information she can about rare books, parchment, scrolls, and more!

The Curio Shop

Nexus, central
Owned by Keth Norai

An ornate sign above a wooden store front - inside, it is cool and inviting. Dark wood shelves, tables and displays, with woven rugs of many colors across the floor. Baubles and minor most artifacts hiss, shimmer and move to catch the eye. The first floor is filled with delicious and exotic scents. Mainly from the slow-burning incense on burners scattered through the shop with a spicy, cinnamon aroma. Amongst the fine clothing, maps, nicknacks and astrolabes. Many such as the maps and astrolabes are of her own creation, others are very minor artifacts purchased from others.

She frequently cases the markets for small up-and-coming craftsman with potential, offering them a place to sell their wares in exchange for a cut of the profit. She has a keen eye for profit, using passing traders as well to stay supplied.

Examples of interesting items that she allows on the floor include... A three-dimensional web woven together of thousands of feathers and tiny crystals that shimmer or glow to show the direction and strength of winds for hundreds of miles around Nexus. Allowing one to see a sudden change in air currents or strength that indicate a storm or large flying creature approaching.

A small water table made of tanned sharkskin, the inside inside with iridescent fish scales and a single compass needle carved of quartz floating within the water. The scales lining are all from a single fish species, and the needle is enchanted to point to the nearest large school for that particular fish.

The incense is a special blend Keth creates that is tied to a map upstairs in her office. Those that inhale it reveal their location within her shop on the map, and their intentions or desires begin to appear in the legend. The longer they linger and inhale, the more it reveals. She uses it to case potential clients without leaving the comfort of her office, to determine those who really require her special skills or simply a more expensive purchase. Keth also uses this map to watch out for thieves - petty and otherwise.

If she doesn't like what she sees, a prospective client is unlikely to even see Keth and will never be invited upstairs. Nor do they see her private stock. Her apprentice handles the normal sales of the shop items and will deflect any persistent visitors who attempt to contact her.

The second floor is her office and work space. Here is where she meets with prospective clients, discusses business or watches the activities in the shop while doing research. Behind her desk is a door in to her private work area, where she stores raw materials and works on projects.

Third floor is her personal space, with a small room for her current apprentice.