Ascending Souls Era

Once again has the circle gathered to continue their journey ever forward. The beginning took the circle through the world of the East, down into ancient cities and tombs, and finally the greatest journey through the Underworld. They believed the end had come... wrong they were. Now we enter a new era that began in Calibration and can only lead into the light. Every risen sun and moon depends on their choices.

Chasing Shadows Chronicle

Silver Python, seer and Lunar, forsees the coming of a new circle, a new prophecy. But the threads are darkened, tangled, unlike any she has witnessed before. Something lies in the dark, already on the hunt. A circle is gathered, well on the path set by this dark shadow. But who or what is the shadow? Read the journal.

Ascending Souls Chornicle

The circle has been tested and worn, yet they have found the name of this shadow. Demetrius. The journey led down many paths, never ending but turning, until each of them held far too many secrets for any mind to cope with. What will their next steps be? Read the journal.

Edge of a Eternity Chronicle

When next our heroes join to continue their journey will enter this new third chronicle.

Circle of Characters

Theon of Nexus

Lunar, Changing Moon, Nexus

Born humble folk in Nexus, Theon lived a life among the middle class merchants of the world. Nothing kept him from the streets, running with a crowd that gambled and lived life within the bounds the Guild allowed. No matter the shadey deal or quick buck scheme, he made sure never to break those strong rules.

He had little interest in the past of his parents, but knew they came from the far west or had family from the west. Touches of blue hue his dark hair, but it has been his bright eyes and wit that gained him entry into every business and lady's bed. Eventually he entered into the world of business into an area few would have guessed, literature.

Quickly his small shop became a mainstay in the book trade, funding small expiditions and making deals to receive books and finding buyers. It was during these trades and investigations that he learned of a most prized book, one considered older than the bones of the world.

Gathering jade and making connections to claim this famed book was nearly impossible. When finally he had the required amounts, he met the man who brought the book in exchange within the streets of Nexus. So aggitated, he dropped the book, forgot the jade, and left Theon completely baffled. The book proved far more dangerous than he ever once thought. Exaltation as a Lunar took him by complete surprise.

Since his awakening, his business continued but rarely does he find himself in Nexus. Now he searches for the next great project of a flying citadel, home for his circle, and a life with his lady love.

Journal of Fate - Artifact 4 - A finely wrought journal, of ancient leather and filigree of a strange metal, seems unassuming. The pages are thicker than any parchment normally found, pressed from some strange weave of threads from a spider never seen by those in Creation. A perfect journal for someone like Theon. Unlike many journals, this one is born literally from the Loom of Fate. This journal was gifted to Demetrius, second of the Maiden of Secrets.

Ivory Storm Hunter

Lunar, No Moon, Haslanti League, North

Ivory Storm Hunter began her life as one of many wayward children running the streets of Whitewall in the far north. Her life remained hand to mouth, constantly breaking into businesses and thieving from any she could. For years this continued, always working hard to stay ahead of the city guard, the Dragon Blooded, and the Cyndics.

When nearing her midteens, this life got harder as she couldn't easily hide her feminity and kept coming across the law. One job too many, and she ended up captured and tossed into the jails. The sentence passed left her screaming and afraid. Within the week, she and her fellow criminals were thrown into the bowels of ships to be given to the Fair Folk for ravaging and selling as a slave.

Harsh weather slammed into the ship, and the fight for survival changed from escaping the Dragon Blooded to warmth in the frigid north. Weary and pained, she slowly wandered into the snows until attacked and plucked from the earth into the air. A chorus of harsh cries woke her right before attack. What happened next brought the power of the moon and a mother's love rushing through her, exalting and consuming one of the drakes wishing to eat her.

Time passed among the clutch of drakes when a great old bear came around with lessons and knowledge. When she finished her lessons, she left on another ship to find adventure!


Lunar, No Moon, Chaunta, East

Deep in the east, the trees hold many small tribes and villages. Archimedes was born in one of these small villages. A curmudgeon, he tended to remain apart from others through his young life, spending most of it by the side of old wizened men and cookfires. Nearing an age of apprenticeship, he took work with those same men, learning of the forest spirits, of potions and rememdies, to aid the village. One by one, they grew older and taught him all they knew.

The years passed, the men reached ages beyond life. To the mortals, they had become venerable in their forties and fifties. Naturtally they died from sickness or the world around them, painfully dangerous and filled with the fair folk. And as they passed, the village sought Archimedes far more for support and wisdom.

Yet for this life of need, he remained unwed and without lover. His sarcasm and bitterness sent away every possible woman except one. During his twenties, a woman visited their village, aching from travels and enduring a wound along her side. After passing out, the villagers contacted Archimedes to aid her. All through the procedures, they bickered and barked at each other. She left a week later, glaring at the man. And a month later, she returned. Another week passed, but not spent in bickering, but in lovemaking. They were both annoying, frustrating, and terribly lonely. In time, they became the perfect match.

Archimedes remained in his village, eager for the random visits from this woman called Nialle. Years and years, they played this game, Nialle visiting and Archimedes enjoying every moment of their time together. Yet the older he got, she never seemed to age. And remarkably, he lived on and on. Fifty. Sixty. So many families were born and died, yet he never did. Some days became painful, others a rush as new folk were rumored to arrive.

Finally, Nialle returned as he entered his seventieth year. Sitting on the edge of his bed, the still young woman revealed she was a solar and wanted to keep him as her own forever and ever. She would be leaving on a dangerous mission to find an item to keep them together. Reluctantly, he allowed her to leave only after she gave him a token to sense her. So many years passed by, and one night the token faded and destroyed. Her death ended any sense of need to live, as he held to the poison and contemplated his end. Yet some strength in him held away the poison, kept himself from dying from heartache, and the mother moon Luna embraced him.

Exalted by the moon, he rushed to consume a spider. Within days a woman with bright silver tattoos and hair found him. Gathered into her hands, he bit her repeatedly, yet she only smiled and whispered softly that he was safe. Taken into the treetops of Chaunta, he learned of his new path and sought to his this new life to find Nialle one way or another. In this quest he joined the new circle, and continues on with Theon.

Keth Norai

Solar, Twilight, Nexus

Keth is a young woman born under a poor woman's household with few options for a true future. Eager for a few coins, her mother sold the girl into the whore houses of Nexus. Many a lowly woman can make her way through the skin trade. But those with something special to lose, be it a lovely face, virginity, or youth, could find themselves in a morge far too early in their lives.

A Dragon Blooded noble paid to enjoy a fresh young girl, taking what innocence she had left, and killing her. Never once did Keth or the noble believe she would not only live but exalt. The sun filled her mind and body, transforming her into a small god. Melodies and memories tugged at her thoughts, wending her with strength, and a burning need for vengeance. Rushing from the halls, a couple offered a room to the girl, never once asking questions or making demands. Yet small symbols laid upon their door sill and windows, that of the Unconquered Sun. Through them, Keth found a moment to breath, get her bearings, and make her way through the city.

Over the coming year, she found a teacher, learned of magic, and took up a curio shop from an elderly woman leaving the life of merchant's work for something quieter. The work held a sharp interest, and the travels for such fine pieces led her into a strange set of journeys that brought a minstel to her side, Sinclair.

If ever she found herself in trouble, Sinclair seemed to appear and aided her to run away. If a tale was needed to lift her spirits, his fiddle was quick to answer. And the few times she desperately needed a shoulder, his supported for as long as she needed. Through his recent chats, he spoke of a small group of lunars with a solar that seemed to travel deep into the east that could find great support in her talents. And perhaps they could travel together again.