Rosco P. Coltrane Edwards

Sire of "Jim Bob"

Born 8th in a family of 10 children, Rosco's mother declared his long name after her favorite love interest in the Dukes of Hazard. He lived a damn hard life from that very night, leaving home to drive with his dad, a truck driver, across the country at twelve. When he hit 15, he stole a Harley from his mother's ex-ex-boyfriend. He fell in with a rebel group, the Tramposos Muerte (Death Cheaters), out of El Paso.

Just his luck they were vampire blood runners, moving between Texas and Mexico, through Arizona and California. He lived and fought by their sides, the rough elements and warfare, protecting transports and blood with his Brujah and Gangrel friends, until they finally embraced him in a hell on wheels tournament: fighting from bike back with chains swinging hooks set on fire!

As to Jim Bob, he is Rosco's only child. It was a funny sort of day when ol' Rosco went to Donn's Depot. He was having a pretty rough month, wanting to drink and loose himself. His drunken driving led him directly into the side of someone's Volvo. Walking away from the wreck, he wandered into Donn's. There he came across a group of rednecks like himself drinking, carousing, watching the pregnant waitress/stripper dance when he felt some inkling of remorse. And then that damn Johnny Cash song played. Before he knew it, he had followed the kid as he went to piss. Within ten minutes, he had a new child embraced, tossed him in his truck, and drove off. And an hour later, pulled up at Jake's.

Since then, Rosco has been a father to the kid he wished he had growing up. And Jake has been a damn helpful friend to them both, fixing the damn problem the Gangrel got himself into.

And all of this may not even be true. But it's what everyone knows. No one is willing to do the math for some two-bit country Gangrel.

Carmen Del'Oriface

Sire of Katy and Jonas

Carmen in her day was nothing more than a pretty face, a blood doll in the courts of Paris. Born in the decline of Paris courts, Carmen fell in a lustful romance from her place as a blood doll with a striking kindred from the far dark lands of Prague. Once thought to be nothing more than a city of cultural happenstance, the artful way in which this kindred spoke left her breathless to learn more. Why live as prey, even if blessed with lovely clothes and fine skin. It would shrivel, become spotted, eyes failing, back stooping, until none would feed from her veins. Death would not be swift.

In a fit of rebellion, she packed a quick bag, and awaited in the caravan of her would be prince. The curious Ravnos found the sudden leaving of a simple pampered Toreador blood doll in such a rustic place astounding. She traveled the long nights with the caravan, not only a fine dinner but entertaining guest. When arriving in Prague, she left his side, the two quite tired of each other. City to city she traveled, knowing how to meet vampires, and luring them into her bed for blood and games. Her age lengthened threatening an end to her days, body wracked with fever and illness, one of her more open-minded kindred dinner guests visited. He took her life, giving her eternity as a Tzimisce. Not entirely the clan she would have hoped for, but the experience has awakened her to new ideas!

Now she has sought to spread her gift of unlife! Why keep it pent up and away from others? Why not share this power with so many others, teaching them TRUE transformation?

Carmen has mothered more childer than many could possibly know. Of course, she changes her face often to keep that knowledge silent...


Toreador Antitribu
Sire of Swede

Fukimo has been a sensation in the snuff film industry longer than any mortal could handle, earning her a place among some of the wildest Toreadors in the Sabbat. She began life as a simple girl in Tokyo, seeking her education in manga art, film design, and editing. Soon her talents took her to college and films in the US. But earning money for such schooling and tools cost money she didn't have. Turning to porn and hentai, she found not only the funds for her dreams but a dark morbid hunger she never expected. Her embrace came quickly at the hands of a fellow Toreador with a twisted movie collection. And being undead helped make all of those snuff movies look realistic. As the years went by, she gave the truly carnal and perverse their chance at necrophilia and zombie sex, as long as she could produce, film, and sell it. For a few of her best films, she purchased the art of a sick and twisted sculpture, fucking the most bizarre dildo ever crafted by his hands. In turn, she guided and embraced him as her own childe.

Vivian Demarco

Sire of Butch

Born on the rough streets of San Antonio, Vivian Conquita Velaquez lived the life of a typical rough girl. She got into intense cat fights, breaking noses, yanking hair out, all for her men, brothers, and neighborhood. And her brothers looked out for her. She tried to stay out of the drug world, devoting any additional time she had to school and church.

Brother Thomas Demarco always smiled when she came into the southside church, giving her a shoulder to lean on when times were tough. And she paid him in respect, keeping close eyes on the church and people that attended. One night, a group of gang-bangers busted into the church. They attacked Maria. She seriously hurt two before they broke her arm and held her down for fun and games. Before they could yank off her pants, the church darkened with thick shadows, sinister sounds whispering within them. The very shadows pulled and consumed the leader, wet sounds and Latin the only answer of his death. The remaining young men ran screaming, pale and fearful. Vivian didn't know if she should thank God or something else...

That same darkness filled her eyes, drawing her within as a rich heated liquid dappled her lips. Just the taste of it sent shivers, as more poured between her lips. Within hours, her arm felt better. The priest Demarco took care of her, explained what happened, and offered blood beyond healing. By the third night, she was ghouled. Her brutality escalated, tempered by his insights, as she slowly lost the life of a high school brute to a Lasombran warrior, taking her sire's surname.

The Sabbat reviewed the ghouls in their ranks figuring out who to embrace and who to keep as is. One of these was a Lasombra that went by Butch. She made a bet to embrace him if he could beat a neonate as a ghoul. He won. She gained a childe.

Louisa Montgomery

Sire of Sister

She has gone by the name Louisa for quite a few years, living in charitable convents, watching the world go by, as far as most. Bound in the blood of Lasombra, her power has always been over minds. Her sire raised her for years as a ghoul, losing sight of her during the revolutions in Europe. When returned to her sire, she had aged far along, earning a quick embrace instead of further ghouling. These years made her bitter, cruel, and eager to take down any that swore themselves the ruling party. Of recent years, she has watched the brewing situation in Austin between Victor and Dorn. She has sought others who feel and think as she, coming across a young nun. Rather than waiting through ghouling, Louisa immediately embraced her child who now goes by Sister.


Sire of Toasterface

Few have heard the name Deacon outside of the clan Nosferatu. But those few are quite old, affluent, and would welcome to know where the hell the kindred is! He took up the name deacon after a rather terrible affair in which he threatened and destroyed a few key members of the holy church of Rome. He tore into their libraries, providing key texts to other clans, other political groups, and royalty all to undermine a system he felt quite absurd. He was old when first the church was born, and he is considered ancient by others still. Hunters have legends of the Deacon, as friend and foe alike, aiding them when a true threat rose with some lost fact of occult knowledge, or decimating teams to early graves if they gained too close to his own interests. None believe he had a child, only those waywards he adopted of Dorn and Medici. The three have traveled together, conducting fraud against the Cam, sadism against the Sabbat, and a good time with Independents. But a child he has now, in Toasterface. He took a boy marred from a drunk mother's rage and the anger of the streets to try and give him a life. Much as had happened to him through his sire.

Charlotte St. Crois

Sire of Josiah Kirvan

The lost librarian has spent all her unlife wondering among books, art, histories of her kind, and the journals she keeps. For ages, she sought like minds to provide for, invest in, and teach. One such she found was a quiet man with a love of books, a student of study, with a passion of the old ways. He was directed to her through mutual friends in the SCA as a scholar of medieval scrollwork. She answered his questions and continued their conversations, luring him closer to her personal holdings, the histories of her own works perhaps a perfect match for his interests. He could protect her and work on the great library. As she ghouled him, Charlotte prepared to reveal the library to him after teaching him the intricacies of kindred life. Until a frightening plan came to her attention. She, Kirvan, and another were in danger most high! In fear, she frenzy embraced him too soon, to protect him, to keep him with her forever. But madness made such a loving gift twisted and misunderstood. The man she enjoyed changed, as did she. They remain very close, though Kirvan has long sense been taken by Malkavians, forced to endure the return of dementation, and left to the sabbat.


Bishop Victor Capello

Lasombra, 10th Gen, Sire Lorenzo Capello, Ductus of the La Famiglia Crow, "Lethal Party Drinker"

Born to the blood a few centuries past, Victor has always been the utter life of the party. He has schmoozed and sauntered his way through numerous parties and hot spots, blending himself into numerous Camarilla gatherings to hide even his clan weakness due to the sheer number of people in the room. An infiltrator at heart, he has aided in the conquering of a few key cities, providing detailed information on kindred domains, with a notable act of getting past the foyer of one Cam elysium. A true feat.

With the city in control by socialites and politicians, Victor was sent from Spain to begin the take down of Austin, a key position on the border of Mexico and transportation hot spot past a lethal cairn of Garou. Everything has been going swimmingly, as he slowly wended closer to the mistress of Prince Dorn. Then everything turned upside down.

The prince was deposed by a military leader, Maxmilian of Brujah. Dorn is on the offensive, a painful play Victor must combat, without gaining eyes on him from Maxmilian. The war just became difficult. Victor has put out the call to Mexico for reinforcements, and is in talks with Jake of the Independents to get more support. He needs to make a move...soon.

His pack is La Famiglia Crow, made up of Rosalind a Lasombra scholar, Monroe a Ravnos "businessman", and Nathanial a Gangrel spy.

The Selfies, Pack

Nosferatu Pack, Transportation Gurus

Members: Skittle (Ductus), Padre (Priest), Morgan, Fats, Pooter
Reputation: Favored, Proven, Loyal, Initiated

No one can get you and your shit in and out better...than the Selfies. Addicted to taking pics of themselves, what they barter and transport, the pack earned this esteemed name during their extensive blogposts to Shreknet. They take great fun in using masks to look alike, sometimes even for the camera. Once they were thought to be Blood Brothers, which earned a tidal wave of memes. If players need their help, check with Victor, or Jake. Sometimes the pack is out on deliveries.

Charnal House Rock, Pack

War Pack, Members: Marcius the Pale (Ductus), Axel (Priest), Elise, Matilda
Reputation: Bloodied, Feared, Initiated

Marcius gathered his band from the left overs of other war packs, grinding through members in warfare until the finest was left. They have arrived to help the taking of Austin, hoping to have their chance at Maxmilian and his goons. He is ductus and Tzimisce, teamed with Axel and Elise of Ventrue Antitribu and a fellow Tzimisce Matilda. Of the four, Matilda is not a sword or gun toting brute, but keen in the making a poisons for her prey, especially Kindred affecting poisons.

Bad Candy, Pack

Objective Pack, Members: Vivian Demarco, Goldie, Dare
Reputation: None yet

Demarco put this little band of mean bitches together in the last couple of months. She thought about inviting her childe, but he has a cock. No cocks allowed. They handle shit for Victor, joining up with him and his Bullyboy Butch, and sometimes his pack La Famiglia Crow. They refuse to be called a servitor pack, and have fucked up anyone saying so. Demarco pulled them together with Goldie a Brujah Antitribu gun toting bitch and Dare a Malkavian Antitribu blade master and socialite.

Street Sharks, Pack

Nomadic War Pack, Members: Grizwald (ductus), Fang (Priest), Papa Ben, Bone
Reputation: Militant

Just starting to make a real name for themselves, the Street Sharks showed up in recent months when the Camarilla power shifted to a warlord. They are vying with Chanrnal House Rock to get in the action with the new Prince. The pack is a biker gang of city Gangrel and a crazy as fuck Lasombra

Madam's Little Devils, Pack

Servitor Pack, Members: Madam (Priest/Ductus), Keller, Cyndi
Reputation: Adored, Favored, Enlightened, Welcomed

Madam Lexi has served the Bishop of her cities for as long as she can remember. Her Nosferatu seeming leaves her rail thin, skin wrinkled and twisted on itself into garish boils. But she holds to an older Jewish New Yorker lady's look, as she did in life when first arriving from Germany by boat. Her expertise is taking care of mortal herds, blood dolls, and the needs of her Sabbat compatriots. Her pack has lost a few, mainly to joining other packs or forming their own. She has an old friend Samedi named Keller with her, and a new addition of a poor Pander without clan named Cyndi. Madam Lexi herself has far more status in the Sabbat than Victor, but lives to serve, despite the jeers of others.



Follower of Set, 10th Gen, Sire Horus, Leader of the Independent State, "John Wayne Enthusiast"

Jake has lived in the Americas as long as anyone can remember. Hailing from some land long dead and gone to dust in Europe, he turned his keen business acumen and curiosity to the new world. The man is just damn lovable or frightening. A good friend or terrifying enemy. Very few get the shades of grey from this Setite. He arrived in Austin, carving out a bit of the northern edge of city early in the years before Shane Dorn decided to invade.

He smoothed the way for the Camarilla to take power, taking out the trash, handling goons, and giving Dorn some interesting ideas. Soon enough, Dorn was Prince and he was handling more liquor trade than he ever thought possible. When the wars hit, he was ready. A strong reputation follows in his wake of making deals, holding to his word, and supporting friends even with blood and bone.

He comes across as a modern version of an old western cowboy, even has a few pairs of snakeskin boots to match. A few he notes as gifts, har har.


Ravnos, "The Evil Russian"

Natalie found her name and life so utterly boring, battling for so long for food, prey hard to corner in an over populated Moscow. After the odd self destruction of her young kindred in her clan, and fearing the same fate, she left fast and furious to America to the highest bidder. A man named Jake had a ticket ready and waiting. He keeps her pretty happy, excitement and travel, and a hefty amount of blood games to be had! And she is his little evil Natasha.

Hanging Man William James O'Keef


For as long as Jake has been around in the Americas, so to has William been at his side. He had another name in another time, saved from certain death as he hung from a tree, neck near departed from his head, unable to keep his mask up. The locals thought him some sort of leprosy victim, which he looks like under the mask. He kept the noose after being saved by ol' Jake, leaving quite a few of their enemies swinging from trees.

Dead Fred

Assamite, "For Hire"

Jake can help get you in contact with Dead Fred. But typically, it's when Fred feels like being a nice guy. Otherwise, you have you find him yourself. He's a killer, guns his preferred method, raining bullets till nothing is left but a light rain of ash and a pile of spent casings.



Brujah, 8th Gen, Sire Lore Royce Blackthorne, Warrior Prince of the Camarilla

From a line of respected and adored Brujah warriors, Maxmilian has proven the blood true in his conquests. His past is revered among the Camarillan states. When the stalemate and potential loss of Austin reached the Archon's, they called for and game clemency to him, requesting his aid. He arrived in Austin, entered court, and claimed his place. Unlike the stereotypes, this gentleman presents a formidable defense with incredible knowledge of arms.

Shane Dorn

Ventrue, 10th Gen, Sire Melansie Bordelon, "The Deposed Prince"

Few ever had the audacity to change their lives so drastically as Serena Dorn did in her embrace. Cutting away the soft woman of priviledge, she transformed herself into a beast of power, business, and knowledge taking the guise and life of a man. Never one to squander a turn, Shane (no longer Serena) rose ahead of the ghouls then childer in her sire's stead, earning the right to take his ventures into the colonies. She battled through revolution, the Civil War, and into the blossoming of a new era. Never has she become complacent or turned away an idea.

So it was she made alliance with a questionable Setite with a gem of an idea. With the means and capability, she took control of initiatives and claimed Austin, donning the title of Prince. All was well until a the status quo changed so drastically with the arrival of Victor. Now she is deposed, lesser in stature, and ready to tear apart the new prince, perhaps before Victor can!

Charlotte St. Crois

Malkavian, 10th Gen, Sire Lord Gerald St. Crois, "Unliving Librarian"

Charlotte's embrace was a twisted bit of socialite play between two fine households in France. After considerate searching for just the right lady, Gerald's ghoul lured Charlotte into marriage only to present her to his own master. The marriage bed ran with her blood, but some time after the ceremony. Gerald held intelligence and will far above a fine face or good breeding. And Charlotte indulged his whims of elite conversation and book learning. Her love of text has taken her from the Court of Paris to Londen, then into the company of Shane Dorn. Entranced and protected, she left with Dorn against her sire's wishes to America. Now she wanders the libraries, bookstores, and coffeehouses of Austin, enjoying Dorn's company in the late evenings.

LeeAnn De'moire

Toreador, Primogen, 10th Gen, Sire Cray Stevens, "Charitable Socialite Shark"

Beautiful and dangerous, this woman may be considered an artistic poser, but the truth in her art is building neighborhoods. A graduate of Yale, she took her studies in economics and geo planning to a new elitist level among the Camarilla. Using earnest money from the selling of Dell stock, she has transformed South Congress and East Austin. Her name is in every charity, every new development, every major festival. Woe be the businessman that crosses her. She makes Venture look like fools.

Niles Bacharat

Tremere, Primogen, 11th Gen, Sire Ellena McNeal

As most Tremere, Niles prefers his chantry and libraries to that of politics and social parties. But he has taken it upon himself to ensure the Tremere are not discounted in Austin. Old magics and the chance to steal knowledge from the Sabbat have lured him and his clan to this otherwise destitute locale. The motives of the Tremere are as elusive as he is.