Hunger: Type AB Hot Pockets

Hunting for your Meal

Vampires are all about that hunt, sinking fangs into the throat, and enjoying some blood! As such, we will be running your feeding. Having a herd is ...nice. But you are not hunting! You are not sating the beast growling around your thoughts DEMANDING the thrill. Keep in mind, eating from herd is good, healthy, and about as boring as brick hard ramen 20 times in a row...unless your herd is constantly in panic, kept in a maze, fearing for their lives, as you hunt them down. If so, you will need to hunt more herd victims! Those guys won't last.

Hunting isn't the same for everyone. Running in the dark, leaping like a hyena on the gazelle, works for some, not all. Think about HOW you feed. Need inspiration? Look at your path! Some paths want you to become the beast. Some want you to seek perfect calm. Consider these ideas. You might come across some interesting perks for really roleplaying out your feeding!

A hungry vampire is more inclined to hunt, even if they have more than one blood point remaining, a Kindred can generally be considered hungry when they have fewer blood points than (7 minus Self-Control or Instinct).
  • What happens if you feed? You could earn yourself a +1 willpower for sating the beast within.
  • What happens if you ignore the hunger? You could have an increased difficulty willpower roll to do anything that requires focus until you feed.

Life Flashing Before My Eyes

When you feed, till close or fully to death, a mortal has memories flashing before their eyes. If the feeding is brutal, they may remember the worst crimes ever committed against them. If kind and calm, they recall a happier time. Through seduction, they relive a sexual moment.

As the feeding vampire, you may relive them too. If you have the Auspex to feel and see everything the person is reliving, you gain far more than seeing it all. You truly LIVE that moment, not as a detriment, unless you botch. Without Auspex, you experience the flashbacks like watching a movie. It may excite the beast more, causing you to rip the corpse to pieces, or curl around them lovingly.

When feeding, you could be ambushed or surprised. It's not like you are sitting there sipping a slurpee damn it! You are in ECSTASY! It's like sex, drug highs, euphoria, and all that mixed together with a cherry on top. The ultimate ice cream sundae of FUCK YES.


If you get 4 dots in an ability like Computers or Melee, normally you get 1 specialization. That is booooring! With my system, at the 4th dot, you know enough for specializations in that ability! You get 2 specialization dots at character creation for the 4th ability dot. You spend these specialization points into specials for your ability. So you could do Computers: Hacking for 1 dot and Computers: Programming for 1 dot. Or just toss both in Computers: Hacking for 2 dots. These are extra dice! Specializations can get insane and awesome, such as Stealth: Urban Shadows or Athletics: Parkour.

  • You can only have 3 specializations per ability.
  • You can max each specialization to 5 dots.
  • Specialties can stack, such as Melee + Dirty Fighting + Crowbars.
  • Cost at creation is 1 freebie point for 1 dot, max 3 dots in a specialization.
  • Cost for experience is 3 experience for 1 dot and training/practicing/aid of master/etc.
  • Feasting on a living man till they die gives you a temporary specialty. You can roll for buying this for experience.
  • Diablerie of a vampire will give you temporary access to a specialty. You can roll for buying this for experience.


Knowledges: Linguistics

like Knowledges: Linguistics. This is a skill that gives you the ability to read, write, and translate into other languages. It also includes working with languages to decipher ciphers, create coded languages, understand dialects. You can take this as a knowledge if interested!

Dots give you the following language access.
• 1 language + base language
•• 3 languages + base language
••• 6 languages + base language
•••• 9 languages + base language
••••• 12 languages + base language
Specialty examples: ciphers, translation, coded languages, dead languages, specific languages by name (english, spanish, old english, mandarin, etc), creating languages, etc

You can take dialects, coded languages, dead languages, etc. But you need access to them! Rosetta Stone can't give them all to you.

Knowledges: Lore

Lores are specific pieces of information for the many creatures, myths, lengends, and supernaturals of the World of Darkness. You MUST be trained in these knowledges by a mystical library, sire, grand master, spirit, etc to know.

1-2 dots is possible for your character to know depending on your clan, backstory, concept, sire, etc. But that is going to be RARE. Lores tend to be advanced content, you can learn over time, seeking masters.

  • Kindred Lore - Anyone can take this 1-2 dots max at start.
  • Camarilla Lore - Only Sabbat probationary sect member (flaw) and Independents can have this, and only at 1 dot at start.
  • Clan Knowledge - 1-2 dots possible for your clan, not others at this time. Kaitiff/Pander cannot take this.
  • Sabbat Lore - Sabbat members can have this at 1 dot to start.
  • Sewer Lore - Nosferatu only!
  • Mage Lore - Only Tremere would really have this, 1 dot max.
  • Wraith Lore - Giovanni tend to use this, lore of the ghosts and shadowlands
  • Lupine, Faerie, Wyrm, Spirit Lores - Don't see anyone knowing these lores.

Knowledges: Expert Knowledge

I view this as far different than Academics. Academics is general studies, mix of literature, science, math, etc, with a degree. You have a smattering of knowledge in that. Expert Knowledge is being the absolute scholar of that field. You eat, breath, sleep your subject.

• Student: You’ve taken an undergraduate course or read a few books.
•• College: You may have minored in the field.
••• Masters: You might hold a degree and are well versed in what’s been written.
•••• Doctorate: You are well-versed in what hasn’t been written.
••••• Scholar: You know the hidden mysteries of your field and are a veritable font of information.
Suggested Expert Knowledges: Archaeology, Game Theory, Military Science, Psychology

Merits and Flaws

I Have a Mouth and Shall Eat

So you think that Eat Food Merit is just for the social piece of shits. Well, true it is great for hiding among the humans without projectile vomiting. And never a bad idea to consider it. But...does that mean the only time you get to enjoy yourself is eating a human like a jelly donut?! Oh heeeell to the no. I have a different view of these things.

By now, vampires have learned some tricks with molecular gastronomy. With the right mixes of chemicals, blood can now be enjoyed in fancy chocolates! How about a blood beer? Nothing is better than Guinness Irish Male Who Ate Bacon or Hurricane Southern Lady High on Cocaine. And vampires willing to PAY for these delicacies are many!

You can take Craft - Vampire Liquors and/or Craft - Vampire Treats. As long as you don't cook the blood, you are good!

You get full blood points from eating/drinking alot. With the merit, you eat/drink less to get full blood points.
Beyond being the hit at a party, you also get the enjoyment from life of favorite treats, get the highs from the blood, and another perk... Stealth Blood Bonds! Why not pay a kindred chocolatier to make you batches with your own blood? How about raspberry blood white chocolate ice cream using your own blood? YUM! You better just hope the kindred chef is trustworthy when using your own!

Are there NPCs with this craft? YES! They may train, but rarely. And they sell their wares for mega money/boons.

Allowed Paths

"Enlightenment." In the history of the Sword of Caine, the longstanding tradition of abandoning one's Humanity is seen as a way of "Enlightenment," an acceptance of being a Cainite and the monstrocity that entails. It is a way to become closer to one's true spiritual self, though the methods and manners are a matter of choice (in a sense) for each Cainite. To control (or embrace) one's Beast, one must follow a Path of Enlightenment suitable to her nature. The Sabbat's focus on the spiritual is a reflection of this need, and so it is a matter close to the Clergy's metaphorical heart. One of the major duties of the Clergy is tending to the spiritual aspect of the Sect as a whole. For example, one of the main duties of a Pack Priest is to guide his packmates onto Paths suitable to their natures.

The following consists of a list of Paths and their standing within the Sabbat. Major Paths consist of the most widely of the accepted Paths within the sect, whereas the Minor Paths list (though still accepted) moralities followed by a minority of Cainites in the Sword. Heretical Paths list those paths which are considered "heretical" (and thus subject to cause punishment by the Inquisition) and whose practice is banned within the Sabbat, rather than simply discouraged. On the other hand, the New Paths are relatively new (in a sense) as acceptable. (OOC: The "New Paths" are Paths from 2nd Ed which are now accepted under new names for Sabbat players.)

Major Paths

  • Path of Caine (see Chaining the Beast pg. 43-48)
  • Path of Cathari (see Chaining the Beast pg. 48-52)
  • Path of Death and the Soul (see Chaining the Beast pg. 52-56)
  • Path of Feral Heart (see Chaining the Beast pg. 35 and LotN: Sabbat Guide pg. 86-87)
  • Path of Honorable Accord (see Chaining the Beast pg. 56-61)
  • Path of Metamorphosis (see Chaining the Beast pg. 65-69)
  • Path of Night (see Chaining the Beast pg. 69-74)
    • Cold Night (see Clanbook: Lasombra pg. 67)
    • Hot Night ("Core" Path - See regular Path of Night)
    • Allied Night (see Clanbook: Lasombra pg. 67-68)
    • Lightless Night (see Clanbook: Lasombra pg. 68)
    • Righteous Night (see Clanbook: Lasombra pg. 68)
  • Path of Orion (see Chaining the Beast pg. 74-78)
  • Path of Power and the Inner Voice (see Chaining the Beast pg. 82-86)
  • Path of Redemption (see Chaining the Beast pg. 86-91)

Minor Paths

  • Path of the Beast (see Chaining the Beast pg. 31-35)
  • Path of Self Focus (see Sins of the Blood pg. 33-35)
  • Path of Paradox ("Eastern Paradox"/Mayaparisataya - see Chaining the Beast pg. 78-82)
  • Path of the Scorched Heart (see Chaining the Beast pg. 103-105)

Heretical Paths

  • Path of Lilith (see Chaining the Beast pg. 61-65)
    • There is a current debate among the Clergy of the sect as to whether the Path of Flesh (which came from the Path of Lilith) is truly heretical to the Sabbat or not. It is sure to be a hot topic at the next Ecumenical Council but, at this moment, it has yet to be widely accepted by the sect.
  • Path of Revelations (see Chaining the Beast pg. 91-95))
  • Path of Blood (see Chaining the Beast pg. 35-39)
  • Path of Typhon (see Chaining the Beast pg. 95-100)
  • Path of Harmony (see Sins of the Blood pg. 35-37)
  • Road of Sin (see Faith and Fire pg. 98-99)
    • Path of Pleasure (see Road of Sin pg. 66)
    • Path of Cruelty (see Road of Sin pg. 67)
    • Path of the Devil (see Road of Sin pg. 68)
    • Path of Screams (see Road of Sin pg. 69)
  • Path of Bones (see Chaining the Beast)

New Paths

  • Path of Nod (Second Ed Caine) (see The Player's Guide to the Sabbat pg. 86-88)
  • Path of Sarx (Second Ed Cathari) (see The Player's Guide to the Sabbat pg. 88-91)
  • Path of Valor (Second Ed Honorable Accord) (see The Player's Guide to the Sabbat pg. 96-98)
  • Path of the Sage (Second Ed Self-Focus) (see Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand pg. 68-69)

Sabbat Status

While the Sabbat values individuality, the strength of the packs lies within the strength of its leadership. Only the sect can achieve this level of recognition. Status plays an important role in getting and keeping a leadership position. Members of the Sabbat does not recognize Clan Prestige for the most part (though a few Tzimisce do, as do a fair share of Lasombra). Rather, sect comes before clan to most Sabbat, and thus it is better to be recognized by the sect as a whole. At the Storyteller's discretion, Sabbat Status may add to a character's Social Trait when she makes a point of it. Obviously, Sabbat Status confers no particular benefit – and is more likely a detriment – when dealing with members of the Camarilla or even some independent Cainites.

Note:This is status for holding a position in the Sabbat. You can earn this for your character if interested! You may also earn reputation traits, not a background, but usable in the sabbat and tracked separately!

  1. Ductus or pack priest/Well-known
  2. Templar or Paladin/Respected
  3. Bishop/Renowned
  4. Archbishop/Pillar of the Sabbat
  5. Priscus or Cardinal

Background: Influences

Influences are 10 points of power, divided and held among the kindred of Austin. Each section of city life has been associated with each influential background. You can earn up to 5 points in an influence arena, but you cannot hold all 10. You can ally with others holding influence, but that price could be higher.

You can perform simple to complex actions per week with your influence background.


Bureaucracy Influence is the ability to affect the aspects of local government. A character can manipulate the rules, red-tape and regulations that are necessary to run a city. Influence can be attained by amassing contacts or allies among the clerks, supervisors, utility workers, road crews, surveyors, other civil servants and even city councilmen and alderman. New Corsica's political and bureaucratic world is vast, sprawling and byzantine beyond compare. Its areas of authority overlap and its various functions, bureaus, and authorities form a labyrinth which few can navigate.

  1. Trace utility bills
  2. Fake a birth certificate or driver's license; Disconnect a single small residence's utilities; Close a small road or park; Get public aid ($250)
  3. Fake a death certificate, passport or green card; Close a public school for a single day; Shut down a minor business on a violation
  4. Initiate a phone tap; Fake land deeds; Initiate a department-wide investigation
  5. Start, stop or alter a city-wide program or policy; Shut down a big business on a violation; Rezone areas; Obliterate records for a person on a city or county level


The Church and those associated with it, are no strangers to politics and intrigue. This, of course, is something upon which the opportunistic Kindred can capitalize. Church influence usually only applies to mainstream denominations, which include: Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and the Islamic faith Other religions, such as Paganism, would fall under Occult influence. Contact and Allies affected by Church influence include: ministers, bishops, priests, activists, evangelists, nuns and assistants, as well as attendees.

  1. Identify most secular members of a given faith in the local area; Pass as a member of the clergy; Peruse general church records (baptism, marriage, burial, etc.)
  2. Identify higher church members; Track regular church members; Suspend lay members
  3. Open or close a single church; Find the average church-associated hunter; Dip into the collection plate ($250); Access private information and archives of a church
  4. Discredit or suspend high-level church members; Manipulate regional branches of the church
  5. Organize major protests; Access ancient church lore and knowledge


All around us are the trips and trappings of affluence and the rich and famous capture our attention on a daily basis. Kindred who enter into the world of Finance can speak the language of money and investments. They peruse the Wall Street Journal with all the interest another person lends to a fabulous novel. Kindred with this influence know where to find capital; they can access banks, mega-corporations and the truly wealthy of the world. Those with this influence control CEO's, bankers, corporate yes-men, financiers, stock brokers, loan agents and even bank tellers.

  1. Learn about major transactions and financial events; Raise capital ($1,000); Learn about general economic trends; Learn real motivations for many financial actions of others
  2. Trace an unsecured small account; Raise capital to purchase a small business (single store or small service)
  3. Purchase a large business (a few small branches or a single large store or service)
  4. Manipulate local banking (delay deposits, some credit rating alterations); Ruin a small business
  5. Control an aspect of city-wide banking (shut off ATMs, arrange a bank "holiday"); Ruin a large business; Purchase a major company


In this modern age, there are many organizations and places and people that exist and make their living at easing the aches, pains, illnesses and needs of people. These organizations are rife for manipulation and exploitation by enterprising Kindred. Those with this influence control health agencies, hospitals, asylums, medical groups and even nursing homes. Contact and Allies affected by Health influence include: nurses, doctors, specialists, lab workers, therapists, counselors and pharmacists, amongst others.

  1. Access a person's health records; Face vaccination records and the like; Use public functions of health centers at your leisure; Get a single bag (1bp) of mortal blood
  2. Access some medical research records; Have minor lab work done; Get a copy of a coroner's report; Instigate minor quarantines
  3. Corrupt results of tests or inspections; Alter medical records
  4. Acquire a body; Completely rewrite medical records; Abuse grants for personal use ($250); Have minor medical research performed on a subject; Institute large-scale quarantines; Shut down businesses for "health code violations"
  5. Have special research projects performed; Have people institutionalized or released

High Society

There are people in this world that, by dint of birth, possessions, talent, luck or knowing who to blow, have risen above the "unwashed masses." Those with this influence are able to control and direct the energy and actions of mortals who move amongst society and in the entertainment sector. Contact and Allies affected by High Society influence include: dilettantes and debutantes, the old rich and the nouveau riche, movie stars, rock stars, artists, dancers of all sorts, fashion models, trendsetters, critics, and fashion models.

  1. Learn what is trendy; Obtain hard-to-get tickets for shows; Learn about concerts, shows or plays well before they are made public
  2. Track most celebrities and luminaries; Be a local voice in the entertainment field; "Borrow" idle cash from rich friends ($1,000)
  3. Crush promising careers; Hobnob well above your station
  4. Minor celebrity status
  5. Get a brief appearance on a talk show that's not about to be canceled; Ruin a new club, gallery, festival, or other posh gathering


The World of Darkness is rife with the grinding of machinery, the thuds and clangs of smoke-billowing engines, and the ceaseless and thankless toil of its pastry-faced workers whose lives are ended far too early due to the constant exposure to toxins, long-hours and stress. Those with this influence are able to control and direct the energy and actions of mortals who move in the industrial complex, engineers, contractors, construction workers and the poor souls who labor in factories.

  1. Learn about industrial projects and movements
  2. Have minor projects performed; Dip into union funds or embezzle petty cash ($500); Arrange small accidents or sabotage
  3. Organize minor strikes; Appropriate machinery for a short time
  4. Close down a small plant; Revitalize a small plant
  5. Manipulate large local industry

In the so-called hallowed halls of Lady Justice, Kindred walk with influence can walk with impunity. Those with this influence are able to control and direct the courts and justice bureaus. Those who enter this influence can even affect the law schools, and law firms attached to the Court system. Contacts and allies can include: lawyers, judges, bailiffs, clerks, and District Attorneys.

  1. Get free representation for minor cases
  2. Avoid bail for some charges; Have minor charges dropped
  3. Manipulate legal procedures (minor wills and contracts, court dates); Access public or court funds ($250); Get representation in most court cases
  4. Issue subpoenas; Tie up court cases; Have most legal charges dropped; Cancel or arrange parole
  5. Close down all but the most serious investigations; Have deportation proceedings held against someone


Media is the eyes and ears of the mortal world. At once informative and insightful, Media is also considered corrupt and biased. No one is surprised when news people seem to turn a blind eye to big problems and then on the next day, make much ado about something relatively minor. Those with this influence are able to control and direct the printed news and the broadcast news. The Kindred who controls the media is a powerful Kindred indeed, frequently sought to handle breaches and the like. Contacts and allies can include: station directors, editors, reporters, anchors, camera people, photographers, and radio and television personalities.

  1. Learn about breaking stories early; Submit small articles (within reason)
  2. Suppress (but not stop) small articles or reports; Get hold of investigative reporting information
  3. Initiate news investigations and reports; Get project funding and waste it ($250)
  4. Ground stories and projects
  5. Broadcast fake stories (local only); Kill small local articles or reports completely


The supernatural world and those that move in it are a strong curiosity for a great many people. Many look at the Occult world and its occupants and cannot help but consider it a sham and a fraud. This could not be further from the truth. Those with this influence are able to control and direct the world that comes the closest to the Kindred world. Kindred who have control in the Occult world are able to garner support and information from cult leaders, alternative religious groups, charlatans, would-be occultists and New Agers.

  1. Contact and make use of common occult groups and their practices; Know some of the more visible occult figures
  2. Know and contact some of the more obscure occult figures; Access resources for most rituals and rites
  3. Access vital or rare material components; Milk impressionable wannabes for bucks ($250); Access occult tomes and writings
  4. Learn of signs of local supernatural activity and possibly contact those involved
  5. Access occult artifacts and rare occult writings; Control a small cult or circle


Protect and serve. That is the motto of the enforcers of the law. But kindred and kine alike know this is not entirely true. In most cities, many people are truly wondering who the police truly serve… and why. Most of the time, they are serving their Kindred masters. Those with this influence are able to control and direct the police and their affiliates. Contacts and allies include beat cops, desk jockeys, prison guards, special divisions such as SWAT teams and homicide, detectives and all the related clerical and ancillary positions associated with law enforcement.

  1. Learn police procedures; Hear police information and rumors; Avoid traffic tickets
  2. Have license plates checked; Avoid minor violations (first conviction); Get "inside information"
  3. Get copies of an investigative report; Have police hassle, detain or harass someone; Find out bureau secrets
  4. Access confiscated weapons or contraband; Have some serious charges dropped; Start an investigation; Get money, either from the evidence room or as an appropriation ($1,000)
  5. Institute major investigations; Arrange setups; Instigate bureau investigations; Have officers fired


Politics is an art which even the youngest Kindred knows something about. From the time a neonate is introduced to society, he or she begins to learn exactly how complex and convoluted politics in the Kindred world truly is. Many Kindred find it amusing at how cut-throat mortal seems, but they themselves know how deadly real politics can be. Individuals which Kindred can latch onto and use include statesmen, pollsters, activists, party leaders and even members, lobbyists, candidates, and politicians.

  1. Minor lobbying; Identify real platforms of politicians and parties; Be in the know
  2. Meet small-time politicians; Garner inside information on processes, laws and the like; Use a slush fund or a fund-raiser ($1,000)
  3. Sway or alter political projects (local parks, renovations, small construction)
  4. Enact minor legislation; Dash careers of minor politicians
  5. Get your candidate in a minor office; Enact encompassing legislature


Overlooked, underappreciated, and even ignored, those who live on the street have their own culture, their own lifestyle and deal with the harsh lot they have been dealt in their own, unique way. Disenfranchised and jaded, insane and ill, those who dwell beneath the underbelly of a city are a force to be reckoned with. Contacts and allies can be found in the darkest of alleys and poorest of slums. Those who can be used by Kindred include: gang members, the homeless, street performers, petty criminals, prostitutes and the forgotten - this would include Veterans and those cast out of mental wards.

  1. Open an ear for the word on the street; Identify most gangs and know their turfs and habits
  2. Live mostly without fear on the underside of society; Keep a contact or two in most aspects of street life; Access small-time contraband
  3. Get insight into other areas of Influence; Arrange some services from street people or gangs; Get pistols or uncommon melee weapons
  4. Mobilize groups of homeless; Panhandle or hold a "collection" ($250); Get hold of a shotgun, rifle or SMG; Have a word in almost all aspects of gang operations
  5. Control a single medium-sized gang; Arrange impressive protests by street people


People have to move. They have to travel to and from work, shopping and for business and pleasure. People fly, drive, and travel by train. Goods are hauled over rail, sea, air and via the highways. With the means of moving about, our big old world becomes a much smaller, accessible place. Contacts and allies can be found on the roads, in the airports and in train and bus stations. Those who can be used by Kindred include: cab drivers, bus drivers, pilots, air traffic controllers, travel firms, sea captains and their crews, border guards, and many, many others.

  1. Know what goes where, when and why; Travel locally quickly and freely
  2. Track an unwary target if he uses public transportation; Arrange passage safe (or at least concealed) from mundane threads (robbery, terrorism, sunlight, etc.)
  3. Seriously hamper an individual's ability to travel; Avoid most supernatural dangers when traveling (such as Lupines)
  4. Shut down one form of transportation (bus lines, ships, planes, trains, etc.) temporarily; Route money your way ($500)
  5. Reroute major modes of travel; Smuggle with impunity


Organized crime, the undercurrent that is common in each and every city, large or small. Each group that moves through the Underworld provides a "valuable" if nefarious service and provides access to those who will carry out the most dangerous and questionable of deeds. Contacts and allies can be found in hit men, the Mafia, Yakuza, bookies, fencers and launderers.

  1. Locate minor contraband (knives, small-time drugs, petty gambling, scalped tickets)
  2. Obtain pistols, serious drugs, stolen cars; Hire muscle to rough someone up; Fence stolen loot; Prove that crime pays (and score $1,000)
  3. Obtain a rifle, shotgun, or SMG; Arrange a minor "hit"; Meet someone in "the Family"
  4. Make white-collar crime connections
  5. Arrange gangland assassinations; Hire a demolition man or firebug; Supply local drug needs


Knowledge is power. Everyone knows that, or at the least has heard that. University influence is a fairly straight forward influence that covers all aspects of the University life. Contacts and allies can be found in teachers, professors, deans, students, and sororities and fraternities.

  1. Know layout and policy of local schools; Have access to low-level university resources; Get records up to the high school level
  2. Know a contact or two with useful knowledge or Abilities; Have minor access to facilities; Fake high school records; Obtain college records
  3. Call in faculty favors; Cancel a class; Fix grades; Discredit a student
  4. Organize student protests and rallies; Discredit faculty members
  5. Falsify an undergraduate degree