Welcome to the Wild West?

"Remember the days of the wild west? Probably not. Any kindred that claims that deserves brass ones hanging from their rearview mirror...or are damned liars. But these days, Austin seems like the old west. Gunfights, duals of honor, the cavalry trying to save the day, and the ol' Sabbat plundering like cattle thieves. Enough to make you want six shooters, chaps, and a slick name like The Kid."

Jake leaned back, chomping on a cigar, wishing it blazed. A shuttered lantern blazed its flame into the face of a kindred tied in barb-wire. Thrashing in throes of rotschreck, blood tinged saliva flung from the open maw, howls like a wounded coyote echoing in the cement walls.

Forcing a sigh hard into his lungs and out, tasting the tobacco in the cheap wad wet in his mouth, Jake leaned forward to light the cigar on the open flame. With a flick, the lit end tumbled and fell near the screeching Ventrue.

"Deep down, I hoped you would have come to your senses for a real chat. Brigs will just have to live with disappointment."

Meet ~n~ Greet

  • Nights: every two weeks, Fridays, 7pm
  • Place: Live Tabletop @ Gamerchic's
  • Setting: V20 Vampire, Classic World of Darkness Masquerade

Character Creation

This is a Sabbat and Independent game. You can play from the following clans and bloodlines:

  • Sabbat: Tzmisice, Lasombra, Nosferatu, City/Country Gangrel
  • Sabbat Antitribu: Assamite, Centrue, Toreador, Brujah, Malkavian, Treme, Ravnos (see page 428)
  • Independents: Followers of Set, Ravnos, Giovanni, Assamite, City/Country Gangrel

Your character has been a kindred for 1-5 years, with extended age depending on merits/flaws and discussion. You can be from anywhere in the world, though I recommend knowing English. The year is 2015 with all of the modern advantages available.

Your Storyteller

I'm Lori, yanamari, the evil wench that will push you to the brink with consequences, plots, and warfare. I have a mountain of tasks and plots always available. But this game is about your personal stories of hell. Not mine. If you have questions, email me or post to the forum.

Vampire Timeline Austin

  • The Past
  • Sabbat Holds Mexico, New Home DATE

    Sabbat claimed Mexico with extreme force before the arrival of the Spainards. Mexico City becomes a haven and reinging capital for the Sabbat well into the modern nights. The Purchase Pact keeps the Camarilla far from their borders.

  • Camarilla Claims Austin 1915

    In 1915, the height of prohibition, the on-going warfare over Austin solidifies into victory. Shane Dorn, Ventrue, is named Prince of the Camarilla court. A new era begins with hope to keep a border eye on the Sabbat. This is the closest major Cam holding near the Sabbat.

  • Camarilla and Sabbat Begin Austin Battle 1917

    In 1917, news of Prince Dorn's crowning reaches Mexico City. Sabbat packs test the edges of the city, determining the might of this upstart. Prince Dorn answers all located threats with an interesting opportunity of rare liquor pay off instead of bloodshed. Packs accept trade of rare liquor and open sales with Jake.

  • Unlife is good, Dorn and Jake 1917

    Jake continues work with Prince Dorn, securing a single location for his business. Friends join him, providing cuts and information from Sabbat sales. With the end of prohibition in 1933, fostered connections and transport routes increase exponentially . Everyone is happy and rich.

  • Airport Changes the Tide 1945

    1945, Bergstrom Air Field and military base opens. The Sabbat see this location as a hot target for controlling, airforce gives a better means of transportation for drug running, incursions, etc. Prince Dorn's regime aids in funding the air field and base, gaining direct attention from Nosferatu informants. The battle begins for seizing and holding Austin.

  • Camarilla Loses California 1945

    By 1945, the Camarillan Princes go too far, forcing the rising Anarchs to take hard action. The beaten kindred eliminate the Camarilla faction with a brutality that wakes the nation. Jake warns Dorn of the impending retaliation, citing examples from his friends in the new California Anarch Free State. This sets into motion actions in other cities.

  • Sabbat Makes a Move 1946

    With the move of the Anarchs and declaration of a Cali Free State, Dorn works to soothe tensions in Austin. The last thing the Austin Cam need is a war errupting with the Sabbat! The Prince works on campaigns to increase federal spending in the city and neighboring counties, enhancing roads, supporting transportation, and enriching education. With the arrival of the 50s, a pack of Sabbat takes control of the east side, destroying members of the Cam Brujah. The deaths take time to investigate, the less influential Austinites impeding the Camarilla actions.

  • War of the Roses 1951

    With the arrival of the 50s, a pack of Sabbat takes control of the east side, destroying members of the Cam Brujah. The deaths take time to investigate, the less influential Austinites impeding the Camarilla actions. The move of the packs is quiet, careful, with Brutal results. The investigators do not encounter resistance as expected, but never quite find the culprits. Yet every moment the Cam Sherrif relaxes, more final deaths occur, key members of society are ghouled.

    The Sabbat pack is led by a tricky Lasombra, Victor Capello. His lineage reaches to Italy and Spain, though looking at him, you would think you came across some guido from the Bronx.

  • Meet the Bishop 1953

    After two years of hit and go tactics, Nosferatu keeping even their info pipelines quiet on who this Lasombran is, Victor announces himself as Bishop.

    During a Christmas Parade, Victor displays himself on a float, riding through downtown, practically begging to be attacked, surrounded his pack in merry attire. The float is a nativity scene unlike any other, snubbing his nose at the Cam while tossing blood and drug infused candy to the masses. It seemed ludicrous from such a warlike people, but the Cam spent their resources so focused on the parade, they missed the bloody deaths throughout the city.

    Bloody Merry Christmas. Ghoul families were focused upon, their blood baked in pies, bodies set up in mockery of a happy christmas night, innards drapped on their trees and ornaments.

  • Fuck you, Sabbat! Oh yeah...? Fuck you, Cam! 1954

    The following year breaks into constant warfare in the streets earning a reputation of the east side being a gang owned land of hell and horror. The Cam use their influence to mix their forces among the police, harassing and covering deaths through the east side.

    The Sabbat meet the battles head on, gloves off with the Bishop at their side. They quickly cement their hold over the east, pushing back and forth with the highway as their border.

  • Let's Be Friends 1957

    Jake reaches out to bring the Cam and Sabbat to the negotiating table, unwilling to let the entire city self-destruct. He pulls his own people back into the wilderness giving up what ground the Indepdents had under the reign of Dorn. He knew remaining would bring the Sabbat down on his own people's heads. And this was not California!

    Surprisingly, he gained not the underlings but the actually Prince and Bishop! To say he was sweating bullets and blood was an understatement. Thankfully, Jake brought an old friend and ally with him, Roscoe B Coltrane Edwards, straight from Cali.

    What happened in that meeting, no one speaks of. But the city woes stopped, blood and deaths slowing to a standstill.

  • Austin Revolution 1960s

    Despite the stirring battles between invading Sabbat and Camarilla, the city of Austin enters a fantastic artistic revolution in the 1960s heading into the 70s. New architecture, new business, and the universities explode with students and ideas. The number of ghouls and childer are raised. The Toreador invigorate the nightlife. Members of the Setites join the Sabbat, surprising Jake.

  • Warfare and Cocktails 1970s

    The 1970s become a strange era for Austin as Victor and Dorn kick-start battles into a slow burning war. The US enters a painful crisis regarding Vietnam, leading to University protests. Crimes of rape, theft, and torture skyrocket.

  • On a Mission from God 1972

    Young, brash, and ready to fight evil, Reese James Scott arrived to Austin answering the call from an old gruff friend of his family. He entered the priesthood, eager to answer the calling of the lord. But never had he thought that vocation would bring him to the world of vampires, ghosts, demons, and lost angels!

    He traveled directly to Austin and met hell face-first. The priest took up a new path, after the fall of his best friend in the cloth, and the death of his Austin contact. His war began.

  • Black Rain 1973

    In 1973, a frightening sickness strikes down a farmer in Johnson City. He is brought to Austin for treatment. Within a week, all patients, doctors, and nurses in the hospital are affected. Blood blackens in the veins, dripping from orifices, gushing like rain. As it hits the air, it blackens and thickens to highly poisonous sludge. The kindred community fears hunger and plague in the populace. A corporation enters to take over investigations, ending the plight within the year. However, the cause was never learned. The kindred population is decimated due to in-fighting and torpor.

  • Current
  • Toasterface is Embraced 2010

    Toasterface was a gang thug from the streets, born and bred to be hard and take control of others before they took control of him. He might have been named Peter by his mother, but the streets named him Toasteface after he suffered burns and a beating from the bitch with a grill. The name stuck, even into undeath. Nothing challenged or frightened the kid, not even the Nosferatu that took control of him. Deacon raised the lad, finding him among the refuse of the wild hookers and homeless. Something of his survival insticts earned a place in the heart of the elder. Quietly, he taught the lad of computers, the occult, law and order, chaos and hell, everything and anything. And the lad learned it with pride! Finally, of an age Deacon felt was best, he embraced this unassuming teen into the Nosferatu clan. He is a secret of secrets, not even Victor or Dorn aware of his embrace.

  • Butch is Embraced 2011

    If Victor had a real friend, it was Butch. Hard-headed, amazing fighter, and bound by blood, Butch has been Victor's right-hand for nearly a century. He knows all of Victor's greatest secrets, at his side through the entire taking of Austin, well before anyone even knew he was in the city! A veteran of the World Wars, few things could shake Butch's resolve, much less the "horrors" of the Cam. They were babies in comparison. Finally, discussion started on Butch's future as ghoul or vampire. Victor made light of the embrace, but in truth the situation was a far deeper and intense ceremony for the Lasombra. Far more than Butch knows or realizes...

  • Luca and Janus are Embraced 2012

    Carmen del'Oriface received a notice from her line's greatest grand sire allowing her the honor of embrace. She had sought the special touch of Janus in the previous years to receive plastic surgery. She constantly tested the doctor, pushing the limits of his mind and interests. Finally, on the edge of insanity, she pulled him into embrace. Soon after, Janus presents his best friend Luca to his dark sire. She considers the opportunity, sharing this knowlege with the eldest of their line. Receiving and appreciative acceptance, she then gives embrace to Luca.

  • Vile is Embraced 2012

    In the back alleys and lofts of Germany, Heinrich lived the life of a starving artist. Beautiful beyond compare, it hid a twisted mind adoring of sex, pain, and the tortures of pleasure. His hands took up sculpture and painting, the first of which appealed to an actress he obssessively followed. Fukimo, the snuff film actress of Japan, the heroine of his joys, reached out to receive a dildo that would kill most people, bladed, terrifying. Yet Fukimo lived through the pain, a beauty he couldn't believe! She met the lad, and immediately embraced him so in awe of his hungers and lovliness. Not only did he become a vampire, and artist even Tzimisce awe at, he was approached by the Black Hand for specific forms of killing. One of the fastest to join even their ranks!

  • Josiah Kirvan is Embraced 2012

    A heartfelt friend of Charlotte, she felt terribly close to this simple man with a love of books, of old battles and a life best called archaic. Everything of his ways appealed to her, their conversations such a boon in the long nights. She hoped to approach him one night of becoming a ghoul, and finally over a discussion of Milton, she passed him a class of wine and a deeply personal conversation. They were soon bound together, ghoul and master, enjoying their nights of winding conversations and books. But far too soon, she received a warning that forces were seeking out herself, her ghoul, and another. Fear drove her mad, something she was unused to dealing with, something from her own past haunting her. What drove her only Dorn might know, but she tipped him back in her arms, awe holding him still, fear driving her fangs into his throat. So rushed, the Embrace left them both confused and concerned.

  • Jim Bob is Embraced 2013

    "Enjoying" a relaxing night with his red neck family, Jericho found himself in Phil's with a pregnant waitress attempting a lap dance. His family wanted to celebrate his graduation from UT. But a depressed Gangrel, drunk on blood, and seeing this "touching" family moment, followed the boy to the back. He nearly frenzy embraced the youth, dragging him out to his truck, and taking off to his friend Jakes. There Jericho learned what happened from the setite leader, giving him the lay of the land a new future.

  • The Prince is Dead, Long Live the Prince! 2014

    An elder Brujah seeking to make a name for himself and destroy the Sabbat on a new front line, Maxmilian arrives and instantly ousts Dorn with credentials from the Inner Circle. Dorn could not withstand such a move, pulling back and planning next steps.

    The Cam is split between loyalists to Dorn and vampires seeking a new position in a radical regime. Sherrih Medici sides with Maxmilian, holding his position, yet staunchly in Dorn's pocket.

  • The Sewer Rats are Lost 2015

    Early 2015, the Nosferatu go completely radio silent. The only members active are those that live outside of the deep underground haven. The Selfies sold a large crate with an antique to them right before they are lost.

  • Sister is Embraced 2015

    Mid-2015, Early 2015, Sister Louisa Montgomery decides to bring a friend of hers within the nunnery into the blood. The lovely nun takes a name of Sister among the Sabbat, undergoing strict lessons in what it means to be a vampire and Lasombra. Louisa is secretly in Austin, not known to the local Bishop. She is investigating the state of affairs and something within the occult. Many assume her elderly, nun guise as not menacing, simple, and trustworthy. In truth, she is a devastating Dominator who works as an Inquisitor from Mexico City.

  • Dirty Deeds is Formed 2015

    Brought together to form a large pack, Bishop Victor forces together Janus, Luca, Sister, Vile, and Butch to take up jobs. He has high hopes for them, only to get interrupted by a hacker named Jim Bob. He is also yanked by the nape of the neck and forced into service after explaining to Butch it's all Briggs Security's fault! The pack is sent out with their choice of work. First stop, heist a package! Next, Butch wants to destroy Briggs Security.

  • The Great Heist 2015

    The pack infiltrates Fed Ex systems after giving Janus one eerie make-over. After grabbing the info, they track down the fed ex truck, sneaking in, and grabbing the package. But what's in the box?! They peak and find a blue frozen eye and a frozen right hand with a medical report from Schwartz Medical. The team discusses, agonizing over poking it at all. Jim Bob learns the medical company is related to the FBI. Luca and Janus create living copies using a bum Dave who turns out to be an APD detective. It was to be delivered to Susan Steele at the Frost Building, Frost Insurance.

    They investigate the name of the file, Robin Carlson. In Jim Bob' search, they learn he is from Southerby’s, is alive, and escaped in New York during 9-11. At this time, Butch has an epiphany! The situation must be bigger, as someone is not looking for an American. Perhaps they should look for someone connected to the labs, geneticists, or the backers of Schwartz. And they need to figure out the box. Butch still wants to kill Briggs Security.

  • Oh no...you didn't just invade! 2015

    The pack has a week to keep the package safe, of course their copies are pristine! Now they can track down the vault the pieces open, as they have determined this is for a retina and hand scan. After discussing the situation, Victor calls giving the team info on a couple Cam cars infiltrating their territory. Butch's truck is smashed up, sending a small old woman into a bakery and pinata factory, leading to his rage being unleashed on the invading Cam. Janus plays the Batman under a tarp, and the team prepares for battle. As they destroy the Cam, the Sheriff gets away into the sewers and a Toreador is staked. They claim some SWEET weapons.

    Into the sewers, they encounter a scary Nosferatu pet, a hurt hunter called Zachary or "Hobo Jesus", take his holy gun, and seek the Sheriff. They search and search, sniffing his cologne yet never find him...until Janus runs right into his fist. They take down Medici, Butch wears his ring with Dorn in his ear mystically, and they leave with frightening news. Maxmilian is going to kill the Nosferatu!

  • Bound by Blood 2015

    With success, they seek time together to become a true pack! Jim Bob remains apart as the group bleeds in the sacred nunnery and church of Sister's home. She blesses them in dark rites, sharing the cup of their blood, leaving the remains. A bane tastes the blood, the horror, and slithers among the living nuns hungry for their pain. Slowly one nicks and digs at the mind of a young nun.

  • Arrival of a Dignitary 2015

    The one that hired the group meets with the party to claim what they pad for. A ghoul of the Priscus Vykos. The ghoul takes up the items, thankful for their work, providing money in return. Two large protectors, all muscle, are by the ghoul's side. Once gone with the prize, the pack receives a message...from Sasha who attended in transformed form of a bruiser! It welcomes them to seek the box the items open.

  • Bound by Blood 2015

    The pack gathers for a ceremony at Sister's church. Jim Bob remains apart as they share blood, filling a goblet, performing a ritual, and imbibing. Banes found their way into the blood left in the church, twisting and digging at the minds of the young nuns.

    In later nights, they gained insight from Rosalind of Lasombra, Leena of Giovanni, and Hobo Jesus of banes and what they are. They later would battle one with the help of the hunter priest.

  • Saving the Nosferatu 2015

    After several nights, a homeless businessman is brought to Butch named Sinclair. With the help of Fukimo and Sister, they pry apart his jumbled mind to learn of the fate of Nosferatu. Butch gains more evidence from Sinclair's home. A massive chest of carved wood was opened by the Nosferatu, a blue eyed demon within.

    In later nights, they gained insight from Rosalind of Lasombra, Leena of Giovanni, and Hobo Jesus of banes and what they are. They battled one with the help of the hunter priest. Yet how many others are in this city? Is that what the fiend is?

    Preparing to aid the Nosferatu, they meet Josiah Kirvan who seems to see strange things as well. He vows to aid them in the sewers. Something horrible waits for them...

  • Deep in the Sewers 2015

    Darkness holds them, skittering rats following. They battle three Nosferatu with minds twisted by the blue-eyed fiend. Luca consumes one. Vile stakes another that he befriends and joins them. Toasterface, child of Deacon.

    They find lost secrets of Dorn, death hovels of the Nosferatu, a hated corpse, and the deep haven of the clan. They think they find Deacon, learning it was nothing more than illusion. Where is the fiend...where!

    Deeper still, they find books, a laptop of Briggs, Shreknet computers, and the tortured body of Deacon. They pull him free, Toasterface breaking free of the control by the fiend. They fight through humans filled with disease. And finally...AMBROSE! Near their own deaths, Sister leaps forward giving everyone a moment to battle...and winning! After a discussion, they tear him apart, leaving nothing but ash. But who was he, what was he, none know. Yet Kirvan divines he held many of the answers they seek....